Sometimes, while wandering around the Internet, you can come across a live video of a grand opening event or just introduction of a new product on YouTube that attracts thousands of views. Particularly for those who are running a business, it is very essential to create live streaming on YouTube. This is one of the fastest ways to spread your information, news, or products to reach a broad range of audiences in real time. However, not so many people know how to start to have a streaming video. Therefore today, we’re going show you a very easy step-by-step tutorial with detailed images. We are sure that after this post, you can create your own streaming video. Let’s get started! Read More



According to, there are over 74.6 million websites based on WordPress platform. This number clearly points out how powerful WordPress in the open Internet nowadays. The online world itself is changing every day, even every second; and WordPress theme is not out of this development circle. To make sure that you would never be an old-fashioned web owner or a slow-updated theme creator, in this article, ThimPress is pleased to help you with a list of 7 predicted trends for WordPress theme in 2017.  Some characteristics are already evident last year but keep growing this year.

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Charity is not merely a volunteer work. It is becoming trendy and attached to business in modern day. As a consequence, the request from non-governmental organizations of having a website to attract funders is getting bigger than ever. Besides, in the era of startup, young and new entrepreneurs kick start their career with support from the whole community. That is also the reason why they are in need of a website which is ready for donation and able to help theme in control their money.

You must be familiar with Kickstarter, gofundme or Indiegogo – top 3 popular crowdfunding websites which have contributed to create many successful careers. But you have to pay for them. So, why don’t you build your own customizable site with full function?

If you already have an accomplished product or a specific project and a legal back account, what you need to do next is finding a theme for your website then let it do all the rest for you. ThimPress proudly presents to you a WP theme that perfectly meets the demand of every NGO, non-profit organization or donation campaign: Charity WP.

Charity WP is a theme that is well known but still unfamiliar to you. Let’s see how it is.
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Best WP Theme Collection for Teachers and Instructors


Listed below is the collection of education-related WP theme for teachers and instructors.
Malcomn X, a famous African-American human rights activist, once said “Education is our passport to the future”. Nobody can object to the importance of education, especially in modern days when the speed of technology development keeps rocketing, expanding the horizon of knowledge is an essential need of any living standard. There is nothing wrong with making money from fundamental human needs and wants; therefore, education quickly becomes a potential valued industry.

There is a variety of forms of studying and teaching come up to attract learners.
These days, due to massive benefits and convenience that outweigh traditional teaching method, people invest million dollars on online education and courses. Owning a brilliant website is one of the wise choices for those who want to stand out in the market. Among several of platforms, WordPress seems to be the most popular with different features which help you control your site easier.

Let’s begin the tour!

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Cake Art WP_Preview

You own a bakery, “best bakery in town” as your customers usually said. But most of your buyers are only in the neighborhood – you want to broaden your brand so that more yummy cakes could be brought to more smart tasters and you don’t know how. Here might be some suggestions for you who work in food industry:

  • Coupons or discounts.
  • Seasonal specials.
  • Shipping.
  • Membership promotion.
  • Online marketing.

Of course, we are not talented marketers, so that what we give you may not be the best solutions. But we advise you to consider the last one mentioned above, because the modern world is creating a generation going shopping online more frequently, even for food. One of the most important factors establishing your online fame or prestige is a website. A website is also a trademark for your bakery, differs you from the others; that’s why it is necessary to own a site that attracts your patrons from the very first click to save time for all of us. ThimPress couldn’t help you in designing a discount campaign or a shipping support, but we promise to bring you the best WordPress site for your bakery with Cake Art WP Theme.

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