How to automatically insert Ads inside your blog post

Do you want to create Ads-slots inside your articles so that you will earn some more profits whenever someone reads your blog? Insert Ads inside posts, pages and articles is one of the most effective ways to generate revenue for magazines, blogs or news publication site owner. Most famous bloggers, popular magazines and even trusted global newspapers worldwide have been doing it.

However, doing a quick search on Google, we guarantee you will not find any of a readable solution or a brief guidance on how to do that for non-techies web owners. Seems like the secret has been keeping only for the famous, popular bloggers who both have strong resources in news, writing, media coverage and also strong resources in tech.

In this article, we will help you uncover the hidden secret and learn how to add Ads slots into your website without having to write even just a single line of code. At the end of this step by step tutorial, you will be able to add Ad slots to your post content in less than 10 minutes.

Ads inline post content of a website using Magazine WordPress Theme.

This tutorial is aimed to help the user of Mag WP – the best Magazine WordPress theme, but you can always apply it to your website no matter what theme you’re using. However, it’s our recommendation that you use a high-quality WordPress theme with many great functions like Mag WP to make the most out of your website. This magazine theme is best used for any personal blogs, magazines or newspapers.

Let’s start!

1 – Install the Advert Platform

The banner Ads platform that we are using is AdRotate. It’s a free advert placement platform for WordPress. There’s a Pro version with many special features, but just the Free version is powerful enough for us to do what we want to do. Especially when it’s used with a great theme like Mag WP.

For WordPress Magazine Theme Mag WP, we already integrated AdRotate for you, so there’s no need to install it. However, if, for some reasons, you have deleted the plugin, or your website hasn’t had it, you can Install the plugin by downloading it directly from and upload to your server. Or you can install AdRotate just like any other WordPress plugin from your WP-Admin: Login to your WP-Admin > Plugins > Add New > Search for AdRotate > Install > Activate.

2 – Create your adverts

After installing AdRotate, you will see a new item in your WP-Admin left menu – AdRotate.

Please click on AdRotate > Adverts > Add New to create your new advert for your website.

Before clicking Add New, if you have already had some adverts setup, your backend will look something like this:

A set of Adverts with some information like Start/End date, the statistics like the number of time displayed, clicks, CTR, etc. You can click on the Stats button to learn more, or you can click on each advert to edit its settings.

For adding new adverts, this platform supports many Ads types. For example Iframe, Text ads, Image ads or any other most popular script types being used in the advertising industry. Just type in the title, AdCode or other settings which fit with your ads. If you take a look on the right side, there will be some basic example advert codes for you.

This is an example of an Ad set that we’ve made for our theme Magazine WP.

Below are some more Ads settings which you should take a look on as it will have a big impact on how your adverts will display and how your audiences will perceive those ads. However, let’s just skip it and click Save Advert to move on the next-most-important part.

At the end of this step, I’ve made several Adverts to be prepared for the next step.

3 – Creating Ad Groups – Deciding where your ads will be shown.

a. Basic Ad Group setting

The Groups setting is the place where you will group many of your adverts at once. It’s also where you will decide your adverts will be displayed. It’s the final step for this tutorial. Upon finishing creating Ad Groups, your ads can be shown inline post content if you wish to.

Please click on Add New to start creating Ad Groups.

Choose the name for your Ad, the mode: Default – One ad at a time, Block mode – show a block of adverts or Dynamic Mode – show a different ad every few seconds.

In this example, I’ve chosen Dynamic Mode.

Next, we will need to choose Advert size – the size of the block where your Advert will be shown. Let’s say 728 x 90 (the dimension of the Ad that I chose) and I’ll set its automated refresh time is 6 seconds, meaning it will automatically load a new advert in this group for every 6 seconds.

In case you may want to align your ads, you can go to “Align the group” under the Advanced setting.

b. Post Injection and Page Injection

Post Injection and Page Injection is where your ad will be displayed. It can be displayed in a Widget, before or after content, or both, or even inside the content. Let’s choose Inside the content. Then we will need to choose where exactly do we need to put it – After the middle paragraph, the 1st, the 2nd or the third, or even the eighth paragraphs.

You can also choose to display this Ad Group for which category. If you have a set of adverts about Clothing, you may want to create an Ad Group for the Fashion category and another Ad Group for another category. Or you could just choose for all categories – Select All.

We’re almost finish! The final step is to choose which adverts will belong to this Group. You will find the “Select adverts” section at the end of the page, and you’ll only need to tick on the advert you want.

After that, click on Save Group to save all the settings you’ve made for this Ad Group. You can go directly to an article of the chosen category to see your result.

We hope that you found our guide on How to automatically insert Ads inside your blog post to be helpful. If you have any questions, then please let us know by leaving a comment below.


WordPress: How to Prevent Content Thieves From Stealing Your Content, Course Video

Piracy of Digital Content is now one of the most irritating problems regarding copyright and selling products online. This is seemingly more correct in the world of online course when people could just copy your course material and download your video lectures easily. Although there’s no way to 100% prevent others from stealing your content, there are some methods to make it harder for people to copy your content. This article will examine all effective methods of anti-content theft, from disabling right-click to using pricey services from giant tech companies.

1. Disabling Copy and Right-Click

One of the most common ways to copy content is to select content and press CTRL+C or Right click – copy. By prohibiting your users from doing these, you can prevent your content from being stolen for about 70-80% non-techies stealers.

How to disable Right Click?

Normally, we would need a couple of lines of code and embed them into any page that you want to disable. However, WordPress has been a so powerful and flexible platform that there’s already people thought of that and gave you the solution. All you need to do is to install a plugin, and it will do the hard work for you.

Below is the list of add-ons that you can use to disable right-clicks:
(You only need to install one)

Of the above list, we recommend WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click as the plugin that you should use as its range of features for ‘Basic plan’ simply just go beyond what we needed, and you don’t even need to subscribe to Pro edition to do the following things:

  • Protect your content from selection and copy.
  • No one can save images from your site.
  • No right click or context menu.
  • Show alert message, Image Ad or HTML Ad on save images or right click.
  • Disable the following keys CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+S or CTRL+V.

One additional benefit of this method is that if you add your hosted video to the site, your users would also not be able to download it via right click. (If you use Youtube, the video still can be downloaded)

However, your users can still “Save page as” to download website content and then copy them from the page source, but this is some thing no plugin or developer or website can prevent. Furthermore, only 5-10% of the pro users with code knowledge can do. So, your site’s pretty safe, don’t worry :)

2. Disable Download Video

There’s almost no way to prevent others from downloading your video. Lynda, Coursera, and even Udemy leave their videos in the open, meaning anyone can download these video as long as they have access to the course.

However, there are some steps that can be taken to prevent your content from being downloads:

a. Upload your video to your own source

As mentioned above, since your site is non-right clickable, your visitors cannot right click on your video to download it if your video is hosted on your blog and you have a direct link to it.

This method is effective for the majority of users with little to no technology knowledge, but it will be by-passed easily when they view source and see the mp4 file or when they use a download manager software like IDM.

b. Use Vimeo Plus ($5/month)

When you use Vimeo’s Plus or Pro package, you will have an additional option for video privacy of Only people with the private link can see the video, Hide this video from and Only on sites you choose can embed the video. This will significantly help to prevent others from downloading your videos.

c. Use Amazon S3 and CloudFront

Using this security method from giant tech companies will ensure maximum protection, but it will cost you a little more each month, which needs to be taken into consideration. However, since it can make sure almost nobody can download your video, not many people are knowledgeable to set it up. This is a highly advanced technique that not many people can do. However, we’ve curated some articles that can give you a clue and you can do it on your own if you truly need this:

3. Use Support quality and people’s dignity as a hook to prevent others from stealing your course.

a. Using people’s dignity:

We all understand that pirating other people’s copyright content is not an act of a gentleman and they would feel ashamed to do it. In your course content, please remind them of buying the content if they are not using it and they really should buy it if they like the course (this reminder should be put in DEMO or TRIAL videos as it will also work as a trigger to make your students buy your course).

b. Use Support Quality

When someone buys your product, they not only buy the product, they also buy the support quality of the product. For a course, your students can ask you questions, seek your counsel and mentorship. For stealers, they won’t get that privilege, and if you make it clear that the value of the course is important, but the value of the Support, the mentorship is even more important, they would not have the motivation to steal your course again.

Too long, don’t read (TL;DR)

Simply want others to be unable to right-click copy your content? Use: WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
(This can prevent ~70-80% of the non-techies from downloading your site.)

If you want others to stop downloading your video, use Vimeo Plus
(It will cost you some extra money, but maximum security)

Lastly, It’s a good idea to persuade them to buy if they like and let them understand that support, consultancies during the course is more important than course content itself.


Hi there,

Recently, we’ve been off for a long national holiday (over a week – our Lunar New Year). As a result, we have less staffs to answer to your supporting tickets and questions. This has caused an overload in the supporting team, and also a fall in your happiness. That’s why over the last week alone, our overall ratings for Eduma decreased sharply from 4.8 to 4.74 on a scale of 5.

We are totally sorry for this and We take this seriously.

Currently, even though we are still under-staffed (as some of us just left the team), all the other team members are working 200% harder to help you with your cases. We did our best, please understand our position.

We are planning to implement a new, better support system and add more staff and we would guarantee things like this will never happen again. But before that, please cooperate and understand for us.

Also, this is how to get support and get your problem solved quick.

  • Ask simple questions on the Item’s landing page on ThemeForest (just simple question only. The comment system is not designed for complex questions)
  • Create a support ticket on our support forum, explaining all your problem. Please expect that we will ask your access information as sometimes the theme may be conflict with your server, or your other plugins and we will need to login to your system to check.
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What else to know about support?

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  • Again, if your topic is not responded after 48 hours, there must be a mistake in the support system. Please send Tung an email and he will try to help you.
  • Last but not least, be sure to know what is Technical Support and what is Item Customization. Your Item Support does include Technical Support (resolve bugs, help& guidance on how to use the product) but it does not include Item Customization (modify or extend the item beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the item page). Refer to ThemeForest and ThimPress Support Policy to know more. If your case is Item Customization, please expect to pay some customization fees for our supporters.

Thank you and best regards,

Jack @ ThimPress.

Holiday notice: One week off from 25th January for Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Hi! If you are reading this, I guess you are an amazing customer of ThimPress. Thank you for choosing us and for being with us. We always wish to help you as best as we could, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
But that would not be possible due to our limitations.

One such of that is human resources during national holidays like Lunar New Year. It’s the traditional holiday in our country Vietnam, so most of our staff members will have a one week off from 25th January to 1st February as our local labor law suggests. We will try to solve as much of your support ticket as we can, as soon as we can, but we cannot promise much. Some of our supporters will still work during the holiday, but support will not be as efficient as normal day because of a large amount of request from ours 15000 beloved customers.

If anything happens to you during 25th January and 1st February, please:

  1. Create a support topic on our forum and wait patiently. Our supporters will try to help in within one business day as usual.
  2. After 2-3 days, if your ticket hasn’t been replied yet, and if your topic is urgent, please contact Ken ([email protected]), Jack([email protected]) or Tung ([email protected]). They will try to help you.
  3. After one week, still no replies? Please feel free to contact these guys again with a URGENT prefix in your email title, and they will personally help you out ASAP :)


We work hard almost every day, even during Christmas Week and New Year, and THIS IS OUR ONLY HOLIDAYS in a year. Please understand for us. We would very much appreciate that.

Last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wish you and your family a joyful and healthy festive season.

In Vietnam, the New year doesn’t truly start at the 1st January, but we only get to the new year once the Lunar New Year comes. This is our national celebration and a tradition that we are proud to keep and preserve.



If you love travelling and love spectacular landscapes, visit our country. Or at least take a look at these photos and inspirational videos :)

10+ best restaurant website designs powered by WordPress Restaurant theme Resca

Undoubtedly food and cooking plays an important role in our life. All of us need to eat, but eating in this modern society has developed to something even more powerful. Eating is an art; appealing to all of your senses, make you delight both in your eyes, your mind and from the tip of your tounge. Therefore, there can be little place that demonstrate this culinary art as perfect as restaurants.

One way for restaurants to increase customers’ satisfaction is to have a great website with elegant design, smooth user inteface and user experience before ordering. Creating a website is also beneficial to restaurant owners in many ways. One of which is that website can be a source of lead generation for them. It’s also the place that display and show off the restaurants’ professionalism. Menu photos and dishes preview images exhibit the highly skills of the chefs.

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Best Gym Fitness and Health Coach WordPress Theme 2017

In the modern day, Health, Gym and Fitness has risen to be some of the most fundamental needs of the society.
The need of learning how to do exercise the right way, because of that, has also risen upward. There are many friendly and effective way to approach a customer, but the most effective way is undoubtedly having a website. A great website with beautiful layouts, powerful functions can be of great help to coaches, trainers, professional gymmers as they bring visitors and turn them to customers. In this post is a collection of some of the most elegant, stunning and amazing Gym, Fitness and Coach WordPress theme that really convert and help increase your revenue.

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5 Hacks to Easily Design Social Media Graphics That Can Go Viral

A picture is worth a thousand words. This idiom applies perfectly to most scenarios in life, including social media. The right type of pictures can earn you not only shares and retweets but also an identity for your brand. The only thing is that finding such pictures is not an easy task. Sometimes you just can’t find the right picture for your posts. Or in other cases, you may want to create a brand identity with your pictures. In both these cases someone will have to fire Photoshop in his/her computer and create such useful images for you. Whether you do it yourself or hire any graphics designer to do it for you is another thing. If you’re an SMB, there’s a good chance that you’d like to do it yourself.

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How to embed a power point presentation, pdf or document in a lesson – LearnPress

Some of the most critical thing for an online course, for a class, are documents, power point presentations. Lacking these elements, even if the teacher did well with the video, the class’s effectiveness would still be lower. One reason is that these additional documents, these additional methods of transferring knowledge means a more diverse way of learning, hence increasing productivities in the class.

Ever since day one of LearnPress, our customers keep asking for how to embed powerpoint presentations, PDFs or documents into their lessons. It is indeed very easy to attach these rich-text media elements to your course. Even better, with the newly released Eduma 2.7, the learning would be even easier since we applied a brand new lesson layout, emphasizing the importance of videos, of slides, of pdfs, taking you one step closer to build an Udemy or Coursera of your own.

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How to create a Udemy or Coursera clone easily with LearnPress

Of course we all know that cloning other people’s products is not a good and authentic idea at all. For that reason, the title of this article could be restated as the following: What you need for your education website to be as powerful as Udemy and Coursera and how LearnPress can help you deal with all that.

Unlike most other LMS, LearnPress LMS is made for small and midsize schools and eLearning Website (recently Open EdX retweeted one of our answer on Quora, confirming LearnPress is ideal for small and midsize educational institutions). LearnPress has a clear target and a clear goal of providing their clients only what they need the most instead of giving a lot of features that its users never need. This product development philosophy has helped ThimPress in saving lots of human resource, and the most important thing is: they have more time to invest in features that are really important, to make them even better.

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Best Modern Luxury WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Cafe, Bar and reservation

These days, fierce competitions are something we all expect in almost every industry, especially when it comes to food and drink. Opening a restaurant is already a tough experience since you have to conform with all the laws and regulations regarding food safety, you also have to serve the best meal to your customer so that they will come back. One more thing to do after having a lot of great dishes and cuisines ready is about how to attract your customers. The first step in doing so is to build a high-quality website about your restaurant and send it to other people. The key is how to have a beautiful nicely design Restaurant website without paying too much time on it. Let me help you with that, below is the list of 6 best and most beautiful WordPress restaurant theme for you that will definitely help you with your business.

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