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What are WordPress themes?

WordPress is a publishing blog system that is written by system programming language. In WordPress, theme is a display of WordPress that is collection of template and stylesheet. It’s like the same folder contain all of design display file. So, WordPress themes which you can make website, change and modify the display.

WordPress themes

The history of WordPress foundation. The beginning of WordPress development started with the development of b2/cafelog (the developers stopped provide now). In 2003, two people were used to writing software, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little decided to build a new platform of b2/cafelog. On the 27, May 2003, Matt decided to publish the first version of WordPress.

The benefits of WordPress:
– Simple setting with just some clicks
– Easily develop and modify the display
– Simple, easy to understand and manage the interface.
– Friendly with search tools like Google, Bing…

Therefore, if you can develop a good theme, you can sell it in the marketplace. Another question again, should buy the WordPress themes or not? The answer is YES. Nowadays, there are hundred WordPress themes are sold in the market. Some time, it’s quite difficult for beginners to find the best WordPress theme for their needs. Come to ThimPress which provide the best WordPress themes for you. With the best WordPress themes help website look like professional and it does not spend much of your time, does not take much effort and save cost.

Our focus with this article is to highlight the best WordPress themes in their respective categories. We have niche-specific WordPress themes as well as top multi-purpose WordPress themes in this list.

Depending on your case, you can choose the best one suits your needs.

Making business websites by WordPress themes

 wordpress themes for business

How to make a professional website which is attractive many customers? This is a question most of companies must face.

They said that a website is a house on the internet. Thus, choose the right WordPress themes for small companies is important. It makes sure that your website does not have any problem or error.

Each theme comes with a different design, layout, and features. A user needs to choose the one that suits their taste and requirements for their website. There are themes designed to serve specific kind of websites. Business theme are designed for business companies or startups. They contain all customization options – full color and layout control with the Theme Customizer and Google fonts.

With a WordPress theme, your company will easily introduce the best products and services for customers. When any customer clicks to your website, they also feel impression and prestige with your company. Therefore, they will spend more time reading about your products and buy it from your website. Hence, the business companies might have greatly benefit from the professional websites which have good design.

Now, we suggest some theme for business websites below:

Hotel & BnB WordPress theme – LuxStay is luxurious and powerful WordPress template. Its purpose design website for hotel, resort or luxurious apartment. It’s help you easier manage list rooms, customer booking and reservation online, pricing plan and discount. With elegance design, full view and high coding quality that help your website attract more visitors.

Hotel WordPress theme – Sailing is one of the best WordPress themes business. It’s available features such as an excellent online hotel booking managed by WordPress hotel booking plugin, revolution slide, mobile- friendly, one click Demo Implementation. Specially, SEO optimized which promote post writing in the top Google.

Restaurant WordPress theme – Resca is a best WordPress theme. It’s designed in a delicate and sophisticated style aim at restaurants, café, bar, dinner. The outstanding of this WordPress allows executive assistants, travelers and customers easily make reservations on behalf of others and earn valuable OpenTable Dining Point.

I hope options above help you find the best WordPress theme for your own companies.

How to right choose themes for newspaper websites

best WordPress theme for newspaper

Start to build an online newspaper, information service, product. Or news in the website that people can read or research on the internet, WordPress is always the first choice.

There are some advantages when you use WordPress themes:
– Easy usage:  The design is very simple, easy-understanding so that users do not need to have knowledge about website development.
– Easily management:  The system includes all items such as posts, displays. The set-up arranges clearly and suitable for new starter.
– Do not cost much money to hire website developers to design.
– Support a lot of languages and SEO optimization. Users can work better and quicker.

On another side, there are still disadvantages:
– It is just suitable for small and medium companies. This is not optimal solution with the big company.
– Template and plugin setting are not simple and wrong activities can lead to many confluxes when using.

Base on the benefits of the best WordPress themes websites bring user the great experiences. There are thousands WordPress themes you can choose to design your website. Example, most of the famous websites in the world such as The New York Times, TechCrunch, CNN, Reuters, Mozilla Blog and many other pages.

You can use this WordPress which is useful for newspaper 

Choosing the best WordPress themes for your online newspaper websites or blogs can be more complicated than you think. To help you, we suggest a good theme on ThemeForest.

wordpress newspaper theme

Magie – Magazine WordPress theme
MagWP or call other name Magazine WordPress theme is one of the most popular and the best many people choose and use in best WordPress themes. WordPress theme – Magie is the only use the same technology of the world’s best online magazines and newspapers.
Magie is a perfect WordPress for magazines such as newspapers, personal blogs, product reviews, content publishers. Even it can be used for niche sites with curated contents.

The template of Magie WordPress theme has suggestion to customers. As the online publishing and online magazine with better performance, cleaner design, faster load speed and sleeker experience. In addition to infinite scrolling feature, you can surf hand fatigue to read with the termless content. Maybe you are not notice, Magie WordPress theme have Reading progress bar – which is small bar in the top of the article. It helps reader know how much they have reading.

So, Magie – Magazine WordPress theme is the best WordPress themes. If you want to create own your blog or newspaper on the Internet. Let’s Magie WordPress theme help your website become more professional.

Summary, the beautiful WordPress theme will decrease your cost and save time. Instead of choose WordPress free, you can buy some WordPress Themes in list of portfolio ThimPress .Because of smart features helps you to work faster and more effective. Besides, ThimPress also provides other themes such as best WordPress themes education. We hope that you can choose one for your website.

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