How to create a Udemy or Coursera clone easily with LearnPress

Of course we all know that cloning other people’s products is not a good and authentic idea at all. For that reason, the title of this article could be restated as the following: What you need for your education website to be as powerful as Udemy and Coursera and how LearnPress can help you deal with all that.

Unlike most other LMS, LearnPress LMS is made for small and midsize schools and eLearning Website (recently Open EdX retweeted one of our answer on Quora, confirming LearnPress is ideal for small and midsize educational institutions). LearnPress has a clear target and a clear goal of providing their clients only what they need the most instead of giving a lot of features that its users never need. This product development philosophy has helped ThimPress in saving lots of human resource, and the most important thing is: they have more time to invest in features that are really important, to make them even better.

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Best Modern Luxury WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Cafe, Bar and reservation

These days, fierce competitions are something we all expect in almost every industry, especially when it comes to food and drink. Opening a restaurant is already a tough experience since you have to conform with all the laws and regulations regarding food safety, you also have to serve the best meal to your customer so that they will come back. One more thing to do after having a lot of great dishes and cuisines ready is about how to attract your customers. The first step in doing so is to build a high-quality website about your restaurant and send it to other people. The key is how to have a beautiful nicely design Restaurant website without paying too much time on it. Let me help you with that, below is the list of 6 best and most beautiful WordPress restaurant theme for you that will definitely help you with your business.

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Best Automotive WordPress Themes For Car Dealer, Workshop & Services

Thinking of the easiest way to make tons of people know about your car repair and garage business? Why not try to make an awesome great looking website about your business that people will fall in love with from the start and they would be willing to pay for your service?

This article presents a list of 6 of the most beautiful and high quality hand-picked WordPress theme for Garage and Car service. These themes are made for you to generate leads to your company and make you a lot more profit than you may think. Consider buying the top themes for the best quality and the best ROI!

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Simple Hacks That Can Boost Your Creative Thinking

Creating completely unique outcome it’s a struggle for every designer from time to time. When it comes to creativity, no matter what is our position in work, we all have those moments when we feel stuck, uninspired and in our heads are just blank pages. No matter how hard we try, the desired idea is just not coming, and we feel stressed-out.

We’re going to show you few little tricks (brain hacks) which can help you to change the way you think and behave and kick start your brain in more creative mode.  You can get tons of new ideas by making little changes in your lifestyle instead of desperate scrolling pages of some best creative designs and looking for inspiration!

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8 Best Education WordPress themes powered by LearnPress LMS


There’s always a Learning Management System behinds every eLearning website. For big corporate eLearning websites like EDX, Udemy, Lynda or Coursera, they have their own custom-made LMS. How about mid-size schools, universities or educational institutions? The limitation of time and capital make building their own LMS a ridiculous thing to do.

For that reason, a safe bet is to choose a commercial product that is powerful enough to meet their requirements. One exemplary LMS of such low-cost but and effective and high quality is LearnPress.

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Best WordPress Themes For Non-profit, Fundraising and Charity Organizations

Non-government Organizations, Non-profits, and fundraisers are supposed to use money as wisely and thrifty as possible. They would never waste a large sum of their funding for things that are not efficient since they are using the money people donate for their charity project, and that they have no source of income for profitable purpose. For that reason, WordPress has been widely known to be the most popular CMS for these organizations. This is due to WordPress’s surprisingly reasonable price with dozens of powerful features and the ultimate ability of easy to use to everyone. This article will show off a collection of the most remarkable charity WordPress themes that you and your group should use for the maximum satisfaction.

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Top 6 Stunning Education WordPress Themes For Universities, Kindergartens & High Schools

“A man without education is like a building without a foundation.”

It is undeniably true that Education is the base of everything, and choosing the right place to learn and to work for your career is also of the same importance. This right choice will help you soon grow and prosper your dream faster.

This collection will give you a complete set of awesome and responsive Educational WordPress Themes for which will definitely help you to rule the competition and give the best of your services to the students, trainee, apprentice, probationer, recruit, novice, learner, mentee, and beginner. These themes will assist you best in providing clean, slick UI/UX of an online course and eLearning website, bringing a completely different experience to the students of your center, school or university.

I am so sure that you will be surprised to see such a great collection of Education themes!

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Awesome Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Theme Reviews

The first step in creating a successful Gardening and Landscaping business in this era is, undoubtedly, having an appealing website to generate leads for your company. The more features and the more beautifully designed your website is, the more likely your customers are convinced to use your service and products. The above statement is strengthened by the fact that people nowadays have too much to think of, and when they want to mow the lawn, the easiest thing to do is to make a search on Google and go for the companies at the top results. So now, consider finding a great Landscaping WordPress Theme for your website and start rocking! \yay/

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