Tips to Start your Web Design Business with WordPress

You’ve the ability for innovation almost all your life. But you stumbled onto WordPress one day when hoping to set up your own particular site. And after that, one day prompted to another, and soon you were discovering your way around the WordPress backend quite well.

Many sites come up every day and the old ones need changes to hold the imaginative edge and remain informed about the most recent mould for sites. The consciousness is expanding all-inclusive about the viability of the web as an instrument for business development and lead era. Indeed, even your local boutique or restaurants go online on the grounds that it helps them in getting new customers and clients.

Do you have a keen interest in beginning a web design business from home but you don’t have a current plan to show to customers since you are new? Then read below to be guided on the most proficient method to begin a web design business with WordPress.

What’s your plan of action?

The web design industry has been getting a charge out of enormous development for near two decades now, and continues waxing for a long time to come. Which approach is best for you? Consider these tips to set the ball rolling.

1. Estimate start-up costs

Each business will cost you some cash to begin with because money always matters. You will need an accounts blueprint for you either small or medium WordPress design business. But, that doesn’t mean that you delve out of the way only into finance matters.

You can begin by making a rundown of the essential gear you should begin with and maintain your business. For instance, you should likewise incorporate the cost of the most recent versions of the product packages that you will need and the cost of getting another PC. You should also add the cost of getting a website design benefit marketable strategy, a dependable web connection, area name enrolment and site hosting, stationery supplies, and so on.

2. Set up your portfolio site

Setting up your own particular site is an absolute necessity. In the event that you don’t have yours, how might you persuade potential customers that you can set one up? You should set up not only a site, but rather an immaculate one that demonstrates you off as an expert and imaginative web specialist. Who will hire a website specialist whose site is weak?
Being designed and satisfying, your site needs to express the services you are willing and capable of offering by displaying your elements of expertise in a subtle manner.

If you are quite in beginning, odds are that you don’t have test configuration tasks to appear on your site. You can get some by doing a few tasks for nothing or shabby costs.

3. Set your evaluating rates

After setting up your site, you have to make sense of the amount to charge. You can choose to charge by the hour or by the intricacy of the project. In this way, you should suppress your feelings by setting standard rates, or you will end up working your tail off for meagre pay.

4. Set up your schedule

In spite of the fact that working for yourself gives you freedom, you need a steady structure for your normal working day. Have an everyday plan that sets your time plan for different activities for the most suitable part of the day. In order to stay focused, it is also important to not to be overburdened all the time.

Have fixed times of the day for taking a shot at customer projects, answering emails, promoting your business, interacting with different experts on the web, and taking care of individual and social needs. After setting this standard, you should stay with it. This will help you turn your WordPress design venture into a gainful investment.

5. Join networks

You should join online groups where you can cooperate with different people. These relevant website specialists from whom you can take in more about your design business, and different consultants who offer services that you need, will help you learn things out of their years of experience.

For instance, by interacting with publicists, SEO specialists, and other web advertisers, you can get some customer referrals from them, as they can from you, as well. This will be a mutual give and take for serious business work.

6. Showcase your business

Nobody will use your services if they don’t know it exists, so you should make it a priority of your business plan to draw in a large customer base. Try to use effective digital marketing methods, for example, promoting your services on significant online journals and sites, forum marketing, pay-per-click advertising, classified advertisements etc.

Offline advertising media, for example, daily newspapers, handbills, and display adverts are likewise good strategies you can use for promoting your business. This is a form of soft social selling and it influences the mind of the audiences in a manner that can turn out to be positively fruitful for your WordPress design business.

Don’t get the horses of your digital marketing running without a solid strategy. Firstly, seek an opportunity, make a plan and then take the final action. This is important because social media marketing or digital marketing, as we call it; has been a hot selling cake for the past few years which will continue to trend the deign market in 2017 as well.


  • Choose the best hosting service for your design business.
  • Build an email list.
  • Start with a framework. Later on, you can choose to multi-task.
  • You cannot afford to lose data, no matter how large your business gets. So, always consider backups to avoid any troubles for yourself or your clients.
  • Love your customers and make them realize it through small acts of gratitude.

Last Words

Building an independent business utilizing WordPress is not a very simple stuff. However, it’s not rocket science either. If you are a novice, get introduced to WordPress, get an extraordinary subject to explore, and a couple plugins and you’re great to shake “n” roll. The machinery may break down after a while but do not forget that it will pave the way for the right things to happen.

So, after the tips we’ve shared here today, we sincerely hope that you will have a great time setting up your design business and will accomplish great opportunities to tap into awesome design projects every day.


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WordPress in 2017: Predictions, Features, Changes to Watch out

wordpress 2017

The previous year was pretty amazing for WordPress users. The CMS platform has successfully introduced 26 official releases in 2016 and we all are expecting something more staggering from WordPress this year.

The co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg comes out with the Word of Speech every year to give you the glance over the features and functionality that you would experience as a WordPress user in the coming year.

If you are getting curious about what to expect from WordPress in 2017, then Matt has clearly stated that the core WordPress community will focus on the user experience, bring improvements to the editing, and sprout the entire learning curve for all their end users. There is a lot more predictions about WordPress that are expected to propel in 2017. Let have a glance over it:

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According to, there are over 74.6 million websites based on WordPress platform. This number clearly points out how powerful WordPress in the open Internet nowadays. The online world itself is changing every day, even every second; and WordPress theme is not out of this development circle. To make sure that you would never be an old-fashioned web owner or a slow-updated theme creator, in this article, ThimPress is pleased to help you with a list of 7 predicted trends for WordPress theme in 2017.  Some characteristics are already evident last year but keep growing this year.

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Charity is not merely a volunteer work. It is becoming trendy and attached to business in modern day. As a consequence, the request from non-governmental organizations of having a website to attract funders is getting bigger than ever. Besides, in the era of startup, young and new entrepreneurs kick start their career with support from the whole community. That is also the reason why they are in need of a website which is ready for donation and able to help theme in control their money.

You must be familiar with Kickstarter, gofundme or Indiegogo – top 3 popular crowdfunding websites which have contributed to create many successful careers. But you have to pay for them. So, why don’t you build your own customizable site with full function?

If you already have an accomplished product or a specific project and a legal back account, what you need to do next is finding a theme for your website then let it do all the rest for you. ThimPress proudly presents to you a WP theme that perfectly meets the demand of every NGO, non-profit organization or donation campaign: Charity WP.

Charity WP is a theme that is well known but still unfamiliar to you. Let’s see how it is.
More Info | Preview

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Best WP Theme Collection for Teachers and Instructors


Listed below is the collection of education-related WP theme for teachers and instructors.
Malcomn X, a famous African-American human rights activist, once said “Education is our passport to the future”. Nobody can object to the importance of education, especially in modern days when the speed of technology development keeps rocketing, expanding the horizon of knowledge is an essential need of any living standard. There is nothing wrong with making money from fundamental human needs and wants; therefore, education quickly becomes a potential valued industry.

There is a variety of forms of studying and teaching come up to attract learners.
These days, due to massive benefits and convenience that outweigh traditional teaching method, people invest million dollars on online education and courses. Owning a brilliant website is one of the wise choices for those who want to stand out in the market. Among several of platforms, WordPress seems to be the most popular with different features which help you control your site easier.

Let’s begin the tour!

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10+ best restaurant website designs powered by WordPress Restaurant theme Resca

Undoubtedly food and cooking plays an important role in our life. All of us need to eat, but eating in this modern society has developed to something even more powerful. Eating is an art; appealing to all of your senses, make you delight both in your eyes, your mind and from the tip of your tounge. Therefore, there can be little place that demonstrate this culinary art as perfect as restaurants.

One way for restaurants to increase customers’ satisfaction is to have a great website with elegant design, smooth user inteface and user experience before ordering. Creating a website is also beneficial to restaurant owners in many ways. One of which is that website can be a source of lead generation for them. It’s also the place that display and show off the restaurants’ professionalism. Menu photos and dishes preview images exhibit the highly skills of the chefs.

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Best Gym Fitness and Health Coach WordPress Theme 2017

In the modern day, Health, Gym and Fitness has risen to be some of the most fundamental needs of the society.
The need of learning how to do exercise the right way, because of that, has also risen upward. There are many friendly and effective way to approach a customer, but the most effective way is undoubtedly having a website. A great website with beautiful layouts, powerful functions can be of great help to coaches, trainers, professional gymmers as they bring visitors and turn them to customers. In this post is a collection of some of the most elegant, stunning and amazing Gym, Fitness and Coach WordPress theme that really convert and help increase your revenue.

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5 Hacks to Easily Design Social Media Graphics That Can Go Viral

A picture is worth a thousand words. This idiom applies perfectly to most scenarios in life, including social media. The right type of pictures can earn you not only shares and retweets but also an identity for your brand. The only thing is that finding such pictures is not an easy task. Sometimes you just can’t find the right picture for your posts. Or in other cases, you may want to create a brand identity with your pictures. In both these cases someone will have to fire Photoshop in his/her computer and create such useful images for you. Whether you do it yourself or hire any graphics designer to do it for you is another thing. If you’re an SMB, there’s a good chance that you’d like to do it yourself.

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