Hi Huyen,

Please find below the code that is creating error on y website This is given to me by bluehost guys.
you have my admin access for both wordpress and bluehost. Can you help fix this?
I have no idea what is going on with my website since the last update. page creation errors, then the images vanished and now this.
Its been week now with this error going on. Can you please expedite this.

WordPress database error Unknown column ‘add_new_page’ in ‘where clause’ for query
FROM wp_lsdc_posts
WHERE 1 AND ID IN(2778,8,16,add_new_page)
AND post_status <> ‘trash’
made by require_once(‘wp-load.php’), require_once(‘wp-config.php’), require_once(‘wp-settings.php’), do_action(‘init’), WP_Hook->do_action, WP_Hook->apply_filters, call_user_func_array, learn_press_setup_pages