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    Mountain Demand

    Hello, there are small customization changes that I cannot perform from your menu, so I would like you guys to perform them, for me.

    1) – On your General Menu you have “Post & Page” under the same options-set but there are things that I want ONLY on the POSTS (blog POSTS pages). So, I only want the SIDEBAR and “show date” & “show category” applying to the blog POSTS.

    I DON’T want PAGES displaying the sidebar. I DON’T want other pages like “Acommodations” showing the sidebar & showing the date or category.

    Sidebar + “show date” & “show category” ONLY ON BLOG POSTS

    2) On the BLOG PAGE (you have an option for that page “Blog Page”, where I manually selected the sidebar as part of the Layout, It is an exception, I want the sidebar on that page), I don’t want the Images of the posts listing that big. Please set the size of the featured images to have only HALF of its height. The Width is good like this.

    2.2) I also DON’T WANT the featured image – both on BLOG PAGE and on the Posts – to be hyperlinked. NO HYPERLINK
    2.3) I want the TOP IMAGE I used for the “Blog Page” (the table with the laptop) to be the top image to all Blog POSTS

    3) On the “Sobre Nos” page we have 4 Counter Down circles. Can the starting value be zero and then change to the their counter values, on scrolling down?


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Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)

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