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Can’t access to the support even if I paid

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    Hi !

    I bought “” around 100 $ today with my e-mail [email protected] on*. I have a problem so I created a count to ask my question on

    BUT, I can’t write to the support. It’s written “required verify purchased code”.

    Maybe it’s because I bought the product with [email protected] and I created an account on your plateform with [email protected] ? My licence number is 8b6632b4-121b-472c-a771-41ebca38f3ef.

    Can you help me to fix this so I can write about my “real” problem ?

    What is my famous real problem ?

    I won’t sale online for now on my website. So I don’t want to use woocommerce from the beginning. The problem is, I can’t install a template from Eduma because of Woocommerce. It says “non supported PHP” version.

    I reinstalled the machine and tried to update this version on my VPS. I made PHP -v and it answered me I had 7.0.6-dev WP version. But… in reality I only have 5.6.40-0 deb8u12 WP version. I couldn’t succeed in updating my WP. So I don’t understand what I have to do.

    Moreover, as I won’t need woocommerce, is it possible to instal pre-designed templates correctly without it ? In all the cases, how can I fixe my problem with PHP ?

    Here is the informations about the bug :


    Star Lord

    Hi Arcate,

    We have replied to you on another ticket about this issue. So, I will close this ticket now.



    Thimpress support

    Star Lord

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