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changing time format in child-theme

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    Hi dear support team – I already contacted you on last Friday and would be very glad to get a quick answer from your side if you can help me with this within a short timefrime:

    Hi, Im implementing child theme on COACHING Theme.
    I tried to change, language and hour format in some fields for example coaching-childincwidgetslist-eventtplbase.php from

    $html[ get_the_ID() ][‘time_from’] = tp_event_start( ‘g:i A’ );
    $html[ get_the_ID() ][‘time_end’] = tp_event_end( ‘g:i A’ ); to
    $html[ get_the_ID() ][‘time_from’] = tp_event_start( ‘G:i’ );
    $html[ get_the_ID() ][‘time_end’] = tp_event_end( ‘G:i’ );

    and problem is that it wont apply only if i change on main theme. tried the same coaching-childtp-eventtemplatescontent-event.php to change on events and nothing happened.
    Can you help me what do i have to do ?

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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