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Coaching WP 2.0 Update

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    Phuc Pham

    Hello everyone,

    We are happy to introduce to you our latest version of Coaching WP theme with many update features!

    The most important update is that we are now using Thim Core demo importer instead of Thim Framework demo importer. Thim Core uses a better and quicker method to import all demo contents, media and other components into you site with less chance of failing.

    After updating your theme to Coaching WP 2.0, you are likely to see the message: “Coaching WP Theme notice!
    Installed the theme successfully. Enable Thim Core to start now!
    “. Click there to install and activate Thim Core. If it is successfully activated, you will the see the new Coaching WP 2.0 Dashboard with our welcome message (at this point, Thim Framework is deactivated, you can delete this plugin if you want)

    – If you already have your site customized, you don’t have to do anything after this (you don’t want to import the demo data again because then you will lose all the customization you made for your site)

    – If your site is new, continue with the steps on the Coaching dashboard to import demo and install required plugins (make sure to login to your Envato account, you cannot skip this step)

    Check your site and see if anything looks good. If you encounter any of these common problems:
    1. You don’t see anything in Appearce > Customize: make sure to enable Thim Core and deactivate Thim Framework
    2. Your logo resets to default logo or logo size gets too big: add this custom CSS code .width-logo > a { width: 315px; }
    3. Layout on mobile doesn’t look right: create a topic and send your wp-admin account
    4. You get error 500 when enable Thim Core: the overwriting process is not correct, please create a topic and send your wp-admin account

    If you have other problems that are not included above or any questions, feel free to report to us. I will make sure all of your issues get fixed as quickly as possible.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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