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    Sol Garcia

      Hello,I have a course where I need to open lessons after a set amount of time.I found the Content Drip addon https://thimpress.com/product/content-drip-add-on-for-learnpress/ but it doesn’t state if I can do that.
      I don’t need to open the WHOLE course after some time, nor wait for a student to finish a lesson before unlocking the next one.
      I want to open lesson 1 as soon as they sign up, and then lesson 2 after a week, regardless if they finished lesson 1 or not.I
      s this possible with this addon? I want to be sure before purchase.
      Please, reply ASAP. Is not the first time I try to contact you with this question.Thank you.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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