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    I’m customizing my e-Learning Theme and I have some issues to solve. Please ask me what is possible:

    1- how to activate certificate. I have not found the Add-on;

    2- I am trying to translate everything with Loco, but some things are difficulty to me: quizz messages, buttons and others; the title “Course Description” and the button “Finish Course”; Confirmation messages (Like: Are you sure you want to finish course…); LP Profile tabs (courses, order, edit, all, learning, purchased, finished, own);order status; create account and forget password; introduce about course, grade and list in LP courses;

    3- I would like to remove the word archive on footer (beside the search form); remove the tabs on LP Profile: all, purchased and own;

    4- In LP Profile I would like to change the displayed courses like the design of LP Courses, with image and description instead of the box with the title. However, I would like to do that without the date on the image;

    5- Is it possible to the Instructor see the quiz answers and the course progress of the student? How? What else does the instructor have data access of their students and how can I get it?

    6- Is it possible to make a quiz without right answer and grade, like a feedback of a video or a self-evaluation? If not only with Learnpress, maybe with an additional plugin;

    7- Is it possible to use a tool for students to download files?;

    8- Is it possible to disable the item forum in BuddyPress Profile menu, but not in Group Forum – only in front end access?

    Thank you,


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