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General Feedback – remaining SquareRoot Theme bugs

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    Hi guys
    Tested the latest squareroot theme version in online mode on several devices and internet speeds and want to share some bugs that occurred. It would be good to look into this for the next theme update, as fixing would be better for overall experience and usability. As you asked me to give a good review for you, I would ask you to have a look into the following bugs first:

    0. In General – you really need to improve your general update process. Every time the complete theme has to be uploaded to WP as there is no “update” option (your update plug in also does not work). And every time the resume section is gone when you do this. You included the resume as a separate plugin, which has to be uploaded from the theme wp content after the theme update. Not very smooth. Why not include the plug in update within the overall theme update?
    Also, the documentation lacks… well.. a proper documentation. Theme Version still is displayed as 2.1, there is no info on what has changed etc.
    1. Mobile device view (pls see screenshot attached): on nearly all mobile devices (tablet, phone) except for the iPhone 6S Plus, the resume tree appears cut off on the left side and the black boxes with years are not displayed correctly
    also the background images appear blurred as they are zoomed in too big on iPad and other mobile devices
    2. social icons in footer – when you click on them a new tab should open, but the link opens in same tab
    3. social icons – no possibility to include new icons, you can only choose from your pre-installed ones
    4. Footer customization – there is no possibility to adjust the footer without going into the theme css -e.g. include a link that routes you to another site page or new URL, like for “Imprint”
    5. Portfolio – still the headline section cannot be adjusted/customized (pls see screenshot attached) – it always shows the headline of the portfolio item, what means the headline shows twice (first in the overall upper section (black bar in my screenshot) and then again below that section for the individual item text – kind of obsolete). I would prefer to decide what text is shown in the overall upper section.

    Thanks & Regards

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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