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Have Numerous Questions, I'll send screenshots to help.

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    1* How do we get a background color behind News and Noteworthy section and ONLY that section on our home page? Refer to screenshot #1.

    2* How do we get these icons off the pictures on the News and Noteworthy images that I mentioned in the question above.

    3* How do we link these images (News and Noteworthy) to their landing page? (when you click a picture we want it to take you to that page, not what it currently takes you too.)

    4* On our partners page, when you hover over the last picture of a partner in any row, it shoves all the other pictures down. How do we fix this? Refer to screenshot #2.

    5* How do we change the background color of the nav bar so its not white? we want it to be the same color as the footer.

    6* How do we change each header picture on all our pages? We don’t want the same photo on each page. Refer to screenshot #3.

    7* The slideshow on the home page glitches every other time it plays and starts over. Don’t know why this is happening or how to fix it?

    8* how do we get the blue bar where our work # is located at the top right hand corner of the page to have a smaller height? Refer to screenshot #3.

    9* How do we get the header photo that I mentioned earlier, to have a smaller height?? this header, nav bar, logo, and number take up half of every page, causing you to have to scroll before you see any important content. Refer to screenshot #3.

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