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How to get your problems resolved faster

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    Phuc Pham


    This resource is intended to help you to find the way around the forums and get your problem resolved as quickly as possible. We care about our customers and make the best effort to assist you within 48 hours. Please read our guidelines and policies to make sure you understand your rights and benefits:

    1. Search before posting
    You may have the question that has been asked and answered before, so before starting a new thread, search for our guidelines and discussions from Youtube and TheWPCourse Blog. We have detailed instructions that can assist you during installation and usage.

    2. Post in the right place
    The forum is split into sections for each theme, so choose the most suitable section and post only one new topic. Duplicate posts will be removed.

    3. Include as much information as possible
    Include details about your problem: When did it happen? Has it happen before? Did you make any changes before the problem occurred? etc.

    Provide us with other resources to help determine the problem better such as screenshot, error message, broken link, etc.

    4. Post your credentials safely
    We may ask for your login information to make the support process easier, however, make sure to choose “Set as private reply” when you provide your information since other users can see your posts and replies. We also guarantee that your information will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only for authorized purposes.

    5. Helping out
    Some people may encounter the same problem as you before so please help out if you know the solution. Helping each other makes our community stronger and saves time for everyone. We appreciate your contribution!

    6. Closing post
    Please let us know when your question is fully answered so we can close the thread. If there is no reply from you in 2 weeks we reserve the right to close your post. Your post will not be deleted so that everybody can still look up your post if they encounter the same problem.

    7. Support service renewal
    Please refer to Envato Market policy about extending and renewing item support.

    Other support resources
    If you don’t hear back from us for 48 hours since you create new post on our forum, please send your question to [email protected] and the link to your forum post. Please note that our forum is the main support channel, we will not assist you via email within the first 48 hours of your ticket creation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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