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Issue with contact form 7 acceptance checkbox

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    Hi, Yet another issue with a plugin that you recommend to use.

    I had to add an acceptance checkbox to all the forms, but with this NEM theme it doesn’t work..
    I have done this change to all my clients (using proffetional themes), took me 2 minutes for each form following instructions from https://contactform7.com/acceptance-checkbox/

    With your NEM theme, I had to fiddle with css and still not working as it should.
    https://pasteboard.co/HnoOaMp.png (here you can see size issue.
    That is fixed now after adding css (all other themes didn’t need ANY editing)

    Now the issue is that if I send without filling the form, all inputs have a red border and the acceptance button should have that too, but with your theme, it just doesn’t work so on sending empty form all except the acceptance button stay same.

    https://pasteboard.co/HnoPuDM.png – Your theme on sending empty form.

    Expected result as for all my otherwebsites: https://pasteboard.co/HnoRrou.png

    Starting to be tired of having to fiddle with code and css to achieve simple tasks.

    Please advice for a solution on this issue.


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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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