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Learnpress- when create pages for courses, profile etc

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    OK, so I would assume there are many customers in this same position all we need is a simple reply and answer to this question, no let me come onto your site and see what we can do rubbish. Clear and precise answer please.

    Why when creating the course page and profile page does the learn press automictically create pages with pictures I don’t want on them. When I go to edit the page it says there is nothing on that page. So it is automatically generated by your plugin?

    This is where it gets all frustrating, as if I remove the pages and then save, my pages then show empty and I can create as I wish, but then the plugin alerts to say there are no pages attached to these areas in the plugin.

    So what ever page I assign it does the same thing and over rights that page and makes up what you have auto generated. Please change the plugin to stop this and adding silly pictures not required. It is either the theme or the learn press plugin but either way it is a issue from your product. Your support so far really has been disappointing up to this point with useless support no typical support provided by major companies sharing videos exactly what to do etc.

    you only show and share simple stuff which is fine but when you create something like this you need to have correct steps to resolve.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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