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Learnpress WooCommerce add-on, reduced prices, taxes

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      Today I purchased your Woocommerce add-on. I have installed Learnpress Woocommerce add-on today. I installed Woocommerce plugin itself too of course. And I use Stripe for payments. (Both Learnpress stripe from earlier, and also installed WooCommerce own Stripe plugin.

      I set prices to show “include VAT/Taxes” in the STore, in WooCommerce plugin settings.

      >But, problem is, somehow the prices I set for my courses are reduced down. I guess it is reducing the taxes. For example, Learnpress course show price as 500. But when I click forward, Cart and view cart (woocommerce), the prce is suddenly reduced down to 372. This is quite a reduction, which is not good :-)

      Do you have any idea why this happen? Where I can look.

      Best regards
      Stefan Lindblad

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    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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