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Need Refund as Booking Process Does Not Work Properly

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    The booking process doesn’t work, as so I need a refund.

    The amount of the stay needs to change, if there is more than 1 guest. I was told after purchase by support, the booking process doesn’t allow this. 100% of themes and hotel sites allow this price change depending on occupants and I was never told, nor knew this could not be done until ‘after’ the purchase. This is obviously a bug in the theme and should be disclosed to customers before purchase, as it is EXTREMELY important. The theme is useless without it. I was promised a working booking section and it does not work. It cannot be used by my client due to this bug.

    This was not specified prior to purchase. I cannot use the theme, as the booking process does not work. All other themes allow this booking to be made at a different rate depending on the amount of customers in the room. Until you fix the booking process bug, I cannot use this theme.

    How do I receive a refund?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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