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    Loïc Levan


    I’m having problems setting up my portfolio. I want to change some things to the individual portfolio item pages. In the attach. you can see where I am now, using the template. I’m kinda stuck because first of all, the display setting “Using Custom Featured Title Area?” is not working in my portfolio items and second of all i want to make some changes.

    How can I change the way these images are shown? The boxes are VERY small, it’s not aligned at all, … I just want clear big images and opening them in a lightbox.
    Same for project info, I don’t need additional information like date etc. only a wide text with info. This box is too small, not fitting properly, …

    I’d like some help with this or tips on how to customise the css / files. These portfolio pages are crucial for my customer.

    Also: where can I find the green icons used in your demo site? f.e on the home page (services)

    Thanks in advance!


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