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    Hi Huyen ;

    I failed to adjust the following issues .
    Please , Look at the pics.

    Page 1 :
    1- The word “students” in the home page not appear while i translate it in eduma-ar.po and learnpress-ar.po .
    Please, could you check .

    Page 2 :
    2- How could i make the price course to be in the same line with comments and students numbers ?

    Page 3 :
    3- How could I make the course category to RTL ?
    ( I don’t want to change the Description and Thumbnail , Only course category to be RTL )

    Page 4 :
    4- How could I put the separator between thim course and the WP menu and make them more close ?

    Page 5 :
    5- The menu is over the site logo in tablet mode , it should be in the left side . How could i adjust it ?

    Page 6 :
    6- The megamenu is Messy (RTL). How could i adjust it ?


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Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)

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