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    i just renew my support ticket and need your help.


    if you see this image, evrything is fine.

    but this image, which you can see some text on calander.
    i don’t know how to erase those text.


    I want to limit the time period displayed in the calendar of this theme.
    In the current calendar, when you click Next, you will see a period of up to one year. But I want to shorten this to 3 months.

    i already changed +365D to +91D in \wp-content\plugins\wp-hotel-booking\assets\js\hotel-booking.min.js.

    but it’s not working, could you check this out to?


    when you try to purchased your room and just cancled to pay it for change date or something.
    the cart is not going to clean. your data is still there.
    how can i managed when you fail to pay the cart it going to clean same time.

    and last.

    when you add new book, it’s need almost 3 hour to Woocommere receive that data.

    i really neeed sync both data.
    at least less than 1 min.

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Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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