How to create Certificate in LearnPress and get more students to your course

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learnpress certificate

LearnPress Certificate is a very good way to marketing your courses with the cost of zero.


Because if your students can get an awesome-looking certificate after they finish your course, it’s very likely that they will share to their friends on social networks, and believe me, these posts attracts a lot of people.

I shared my certificate on Udemy once and it got tonnes of likes and comments from people I don’t even know. They are curious what course I was taking, how useful it was, how much and HOW TO APPLY.

(maybe 2X is a click-bait, but it’s a good method to start the new year and get more students :) )

How to create a certificate?

It’s very easy with LearnPress. the Certificate builder is Drag-and-drop base, so it’s even easier.

If you bought Eduma or Coaching, you will have it for free.

Otherwise, you can download it here

I’ve made a tutorial video here and hope you like it.
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