Can’t activate Woocommerce plugin because ActionScheduler Error. How to Troubleshoot.

Are you seeing issues on your site after activating Woocommerce plugin? Your screen show error like this image

ActionScheduler Error

Don’t worry, we will guide you to fix it. Some user when installing Woocommerce plugin, their database can’t insert the fully action-scheduler table of Woocommerce so that is the cause of the issue.

To fix it, please do step and step below.
Step 1: After your site has an error, you can’t go to your dashboard, now, you need to use CPanel or FTP to resolve this issue. Let go to folder plugin have path like this your_theme\wp-content\plugins -> Find Woocommerce folder then rename. Now, the dashboard will works.
Step 2: You need to download Repair Action Scheduler Master plugin, you can download  here or download on Github here.
Step 3: Go to your dashboard -> Plugins -> Add new -> Choose zip file downloaded -> Install and active. In this progress, Repair Action Scheduler Master plugin will insert missing tables for your database.
Step 4: Now, you can install and active Woocommerce plugin normally