Custom CSS

1. Hide room price for all rooms:

.rooms .hb_room .summary .price {display: none !important;}
.rooms .hb_room .media a:before {display: none !important;}
.hb_single_room .price {display: none !important;}

2. Hide room price for HB Room Carousel:

.hb_room_carousel .rooms .hb_room .summary .price, .hb_room_carousel .rooms .hb_room .summary a::before{display: none;}

3. Remove parallax for top image:

.parallax_images-mirror:after {display: none;}
.top_site_main.images_parallax:before {background: none !important;}

4. Remove overlay on top image:


5. Keep the sticky menu when scrolling the page: {
transform: none;
-webkit-transform: none;
-moz-transform: none;

6. Remove Regular Plan (displayed in Pricing Plan tab in single room pages):

.hb_single_room_tab_details h4:first-child, .hb_single_room_tab_details table:first-child {display: none;}