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      Michael Markowski
      April 24, 2017


      I need a solution that supports HTML/mobile friendly content from authoring tools like iSpring for example. Our current solution accepts HTML zip files with an index.html file and it works. We also need to host webinars using Adobe connect.

      We’re currently using Joomla but we’re not impressed with the extensions we are using and their poor integrations across extensions. We don’t mind integrations across extensions if they support our workflow of HTML classes, global membership site subscription, pay per course, and easily loading CSV’s for people who pay offline and need orders “injected” into the system. Our admin users are not tech saavy and need simple/intuitive UI’s.

      One major use case of ours is that we have people who can pay per course and webinar using paypal, we have users who have “global site access” to everything (but until they enroll in a class or webinar they can’t access it, they just get processed for free because of their subscription level), and users we load and give individual access to classes and webinars because they paid the company offline already using cheques or a group payment wire transfer (ie from their employer).

      We use Shika + JTicketing for Joomla currently.

      Would love to chat and identify if we can migrate to wordpress and this extension.

      April 5, 2020

      Please can Learnpress work or compatible with Themeforest themes and Avada themes.

      And can I install it on the Avada theme?


        ThimPress Support
        April 10, 2020

        Hi Wilson,
        LearnPress is not compatible with Avada Themes.
        You can choose LearnPress compatible themes in this link: LernPress Theme

      July 18, 2020

      Hi there,

      I’m trying to create a new course but, pricing is not getting saved. Once I click on update, it is getting disappeared. Here’s the link for the page – https://www.asmathguru.com/courses-2/sample-course-es/

      What could be the reason? Please help. Thanks.

      August 14, 2020

      after upgrading the last wordpress virsion the quiz does not work properly and the quiz time does not show to the student
      please help and update the learnpress to solve this issue

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