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A story of customer

Almost of developing companies have such a problem. They have a website, but the display is not professional and hard to use. Then, I will share a customer story and introduce about LearnPress WordPress.

Hi, everyone. I’m Lora, 26 ages. Next week, I am going to have a plan to start a small company. My company works in online education field. We have prepared all the things such as online teachers, curriculums, lessons, documents, and quizzes.

However, we see a problem that we have no place to introduce or sell our lessons. According to my knowledge, it is very costly, time-consuming for the process to build a website with a great plugin. Even we have knowledge about code when we create a website. So, how to make a friendly website coming with the full features?

I think you can use WordPress website with LearnPress, which makes your website professional. Do you know LearnPress WordPress?. If you do not know, be persistent to read this article.

The important things that you should know about LearnPress WordPress.

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LMS stands for Learning Management System. LearnPress is an excellent plugin in the WordPress LMS Plugin and provided by ThimPress. The modern design logo has a mortar broad symbol. All above bring an easy understanding and impression feeling. You look once that you will remember the logo.

The purpose of LearnPress WordPress LMS is to quickly and easily create online education, school without code knowledge. Each course curriculum which you can make the lessons and quizzes in the easy way to use. And it is managed by user. So, you can use the LearnPress plugin for your characteristic websites to create and sell online courses.

What are the features of LearnPress WordPress? 

I am sure that you will be surprised with the LearnPress WordPress plugin featuresThe course design is convenience and simple. Each link bar shows the information about curriculum that you can build it. This link bar helps unity of your sitemap. However, customers can use the menu bar to find a detail course, or how-to sig in course. You not only can make a full curriculum layout, but also edit and maintain it.

You also export the contents on the other websites because LearnPress WordPress allow to do. After you finish building the website and the plugin. You can manage to know the test score, rating, statistic of the list of students. And know how to touch to the demand of customers. You can contact the teachers, students in the WordPress forum. LearnPress also has a free or paid Add-on for the extra features. In addition to, digital wallet is PayPal integrated to support for payment.

LearnPress allows multiple instructors to create courses in the website. It the same public transport, the instructors can use a WordPress website. The instructor can create, edit his own course (including lessons, quizzes). This way helps you to decrease effectively cost.

More important, LearnPress is being developed more and more smart to provide new feature for you.

How about price LearnPress?


From my point of view, education is an important thing. Because education or study plays an essential role in a country’s destiny. It helps the young generation grow completely. They have not only major’s knowledge but also social skills. Almost all of parents expect their children to get a great education which bring their children better lives in the feature.

So, LearnPress WordPress is free and always will be. You just click to free download, of course, you will have a website with the perfect plugin that you need. And ThimPress always tries to develop better in the future, as long as you are satisfied.

However, if you want to use a high-quality premium version, you will buy the bundle of features. There are many options in LearnPress Add-ons. Using the extended features that you can create revenue from your WordPress website based LMS.

Question from customers

Sometimes you wonder if you do not know anything about colors, software design, or set a plugin. I want an available WordPress theme and plugin. What can I do now?

Don’t worry, you can find the suitable education WordPress theme for your need in ThemeForest. Because each WordPress theme includes special interface, layout, plugins. I know what you are thinking. Yes, you must pay money. It seems to thank for the producers because they know their worth of products that clients buy. You will own the best WordPress Theme and the powerful plugins.

If you need a LearnPress WordPress tutorial, let’s take to the demo website in the LearnPress themes. Each theme has a different LearnPress WordPress demo that you can try. I have a suggestion for you, Eduma – education WordPress theme, which is very professional and useful, has LearnPress integration.

LearnPress WordPress demo

How many LearnPress WordPress themes that I can choose? 
The answer is many categories of WordPress themes such as the online university, language school, kid education, etc. You can find the different thousands of LearnPress Themes. It’s available, modern, and optimized SEO. Instead of spending more time building a website, you can buy a theme in Themeforest.

LearnPress WordPress evaluation

If anyone requires me to mark LearnPress. It is a 9/10. Because it’s a setup for lazy people. It has PayPal wallet integration for online payment service. Customers can build quickly online course on their website. The demos are available, people should try using it. The disadvantage of LearnPress WordPress, if you want to extend features, you need to buy Add-on.


I want to repeat that LearnPress WordPress is a perfect plugin. It supports you to complete your WordPress website. LearnPress is always becoming better and better day by day. The most famous WordPress theme is Eduma from the LearnPress. It’s suitable for the online education website. After you finish reading this article, I am sure that you understand what is benefit of LearnPress. I hope you can choose a good WordPress theme for yourself.

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