Popular Plugins and Themes for WordPress LMS Websites

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Plugins and Themes for LMS Websites

It is widely believed that e-learning has been growing up recently. 2020 is impacted by Covid-19, so all activities have been delayed. Education still has an influence because of it. Thus in the time for lockdowns or quarantine, eLearning from WordPress LMS is now a new way for education.

With WordPress, LMS plugins are added some necessary functions like student list, announcement, assignment or enrollment, and payment. By all means, it helps you create a course as you want.

However, only a plugin is not enough because themes make your course become special. And it is also a plus mark to keep more options. You can try a free demo in the best WordPress themes.

Therefore, the combination of plugin and theme for WordPress LMS is really important.

LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin

wordpress lms learnpress

When you search WordPress LMS plugin, LearnPress is always one of the top names. What’s more, LearnPress is highly appropriated and belonging to the best WordPress LMS plugins 2019.

An outstanding point of LearnPress is mostly free add-ons that are evaluated generously. The reason for the most famous world’s WordPress LMS plugin is simple and easy to make an online course with full features such as lessons, quizzes, and manage it.

LearnPress optimized together with allowed you to create a great page with basic functions. Hence, it appeal to customer becoming an instructor. Moreover, if you feel only you are not able to carry on a course, there will be two or three teachers to manage in LearnPress.

LearnPress is free completely but you will possess more advanced add-ons if using LearnPress premium with a litter fee.

Unlike plugins of other WordPress LMS, LearnPress especially make up announcement add-on and frontend editor add-on. These plugins will implement some blanks when you start to do a course , but not think about.

So, if you have not ever made a course, please try on LearnPress.

WordPress LMS Theme – Eduma

wordpress lms eduma

Eduma is an educational WordPress theme found on LearnPress by ThimPress. As mentioned in the first part, along with WP LMS plugin, WP LMS theme dedicates to complete your course.

It will be not wrong if stating Eduma is one of the best WP themes for education. Various demos serve any educational purposes from school, university, Courses Hub, or Kindergarten. Therefore, a customer choosing Eduma is still diverse.

Over 20000 users experience Eduma and love it, then they give very good feedback. Because it is based on the WP LMS plugin LearnPress, you also own a chain of LearnPress pro-add-ons, take you unlimited power.

Coursera and Udemy , extremely famous online eLearning websites, are the same as Eduma demos, thousands of people access these website daily. Students find useful course and instructors are comfortable to build their courses.

Furthermore, Eduma compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress to generate more functions. The mixture of Eduma with WooCommence make a convenience for payment, with bbPress provide a discussing forum, and a learning community with BuddyPress.

You will be impressed by fancy events when events plugin is added. You have a right to manage events and selling event tickets. These can attract your users.

Applying Eduma theme, you are not regrettable. Let’s use premium demos and begin only with 1 click!

CB Kit – WordPress LMS Course Builder

wordpress lms course builder kit

Familiar with Eduma, CB Kit is a Course Builder LMS WordPress theme promoted on LearnPress. Thus, it is easy to apply, contains super-advanced functions along with high performance.

If Eduma includes professional theme, CB Kit design beautiful and energetic demos. CB Kit tend to be modern designing and easy-going color which make a motivation for  your users.

You not only share your knowledge but also increase your earnings via building online courses. Using CB Kit brings much advantages for both teachers and students.

Similarly, LearnPress add-ons contribute to produce demos with fulfill features. Course Dashboard is the same as Udemy, Lynda. The reason for CB Kit is one of best choices due to fast speed and high SEO ranking.

Course Builder Kit WP LMS theme is always renewable with latest version. And your course is becoming more convenient with various services like iPad, smartphone and desktop.

Especially, Announcement add-on only having LearnPress premium plugin assists you link with your students via  email notification. The information that you need to imparting will be given in time.

Best WordPress LMS Themes

One of the best LMS WordPress themes is Epsilon or eLearning LMS WP theme.  This theme designs smart and powerful learning management system developed on basic WordPress. Epsilon provides 4 dedicated demos and 3 unique hairstyles.

You are free to select different fonts as well as a plenty of layout and templates. Indeed, with supporting of LearnPress Plugin, crucial features permit instructor to control courses well.

AcademyLMS WP theme differs from  previous WP LMS theme because it seems to be a new style. When experiencing AcademyLMS, you can have a chance to access amazing layouts. There are custom testimonial which user trust.

It is compatible with others to have best experience. You only work out pressing demo and try on.


WordPress LMS have not been new yet more popular in the social tendency. Human realize the benefit of online training, so the development relating to it is still bolstering. Think about an online course must have a appearance of plugins and themes.

Follow up this situation, ThimPress strengthens both WordPress LMS plugin and theme. LearnPress and Eduma are very favorably.

Therefore, to make an course as you want, don’t hesitate yet not try on premium version!

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