Promoting Mobile App Development Via Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

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The app stores are already being flooded with numerous mobile apps which have led to a much stiffer and fiercer competition than ever before. As a result, many top app development companies in India are beginning to adopt effective app marketing strategies aimed at helping their apps reach their target audience, gain exposure, and become very successful.

Unfortunately, not every mobile app development company knows how to correctly advertise a mobile app. Obviously, the usual method of promoting applications via traditional marketing channels after the completion of some mobile app development processes is no longer as effective as it used to be. Now that there is a consistent evolution of mobile apps, developers are seeking new ways of getting their apps stand out on the landscape.

How to promote your app

There are several ways of promoting mobile app development. However, digital marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient means of getting an app into the devices of interested mobile users. At the moment, marketing apps via digital channels is apparently a whole new ball game that many app developers are yet to explore. Even most experienced marketers are finding it difficult to keep up with its rules while competing with different other players.

promote your app

There are lots of challenges facing marketers today that are preventing them from getting into the mobile sphere and making a meaningful impact. Some of these challenges include app store rankings, understanding downloads versus users, targeting problems, unfamiliar channels, inability to create user-specific content, and so on. Any mobile app development company looking to navigate the landscape of mobile application marketing must be ready to face and overcome these challenges.

App marketing is all about making an app usable by getting it into the hands of customers. But these days, it is increasingly difficult to get an app out there without possessing a strong digital marketing strategy. When it comes to driving downloads to an app, there are certain things (new strategies inclusive) that a would-be successful developer or mobile app development company must know to effectively achieve optimal success.

Here are some effective ways by which a growing mobile app development company can market their apps digitally, ensuring that users find and utilize them.

Share across social media

Adverting apps through traditional touchpoints such as mass media channels is definitively not going to cut it no matter how big your agency’s name and profile is. This is because it requires a clunky and involved process to get through. Basically, users will need to see your ad or sign for the app before pulling out their mobile device and run a search for it. Obviously, customers should be able to access an app of their choice so easily without having to pass through such process.

Now that there are apps everywhere (including your competitors’ applications), you cannot ensure that finding your app through the marketplace (App Store, Google Play, etc.) will be enough for those users who are looking to make use of your app. As you already know, there could be other apps that can even be more visible than yours in those same places.


Placing your ads where your mobile users are already located is key to marketing mobile apps on a digital platform. Any mobile app development company seeking to make a meaningful impact through digital advertising should be ready to spend quality time and resources harnessing the qualities of real-time bidding exchanges with mobile advertising networks.

There is no doubt about the fact that marketers can easily achieve efficient, low-cost targeting to their target audience via this means of digital advertising which does not require them to get bogged down in the details. When marketing apps, it’s really a very good idea for a mobile app development company to get engaged in social media and employ calls to action.

As a matter of fact, your existing audience will surely want to check out your mobile app once they know that it has been developed with real useful content or functionality. To this end, it is important to focus on letting them know what the mobile app is made of during advertisement or promotion. In a bid to further enhance awareness, your users can also choose to get the app shared on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is one great means of encouraging users to download your app.

It’s all about the experience

When it comes to promoting mobile apps, it is expedient for a mobile app development company to focus more on marketing the experience and less of the app. The days of marketing just apps have long gone. Now that companies are developing apps for solving business and individual needs, it is time to focus more on promoting your app’s experience. If you must market your app, you must be willing to let your users know about the experience your app provides. This is what matters now, as you can no longer sell audiences on the application itself.

Avoid spreading confusing information as most consumers (about 86 percent) are not willing to purchase or download an app that seems to be so overwhelming. These days, most users are looking for apps with the simplest experiences. So ensure to make use of simple, short and straightforward content when drafting your store descriptions. You don’t need to explain everything the app can do. All you need to do is to let your users know how the app they are downloading can simplify their lives.

Hire a digital marketing expert

As earlier mentioned, there are lots of challenges that can be encountered in the mobile world particularly when it comes to digital marketing. Even if you are handling most (if not all) of your tasks in-house, it is not a bad idea to consider partnering with a digital marketing expert. Just so you know, such a professional can improve your advertising/marketing department regardless of their wealth of knowledge and expertise.

You may need to work with someone who can help you and your team overcome the challenge of targeted media buying, app usage analytics, etc. Basically, you will want your marketing efforts to attain optimal ranks through effective optimization.

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