Use Of Artificial Intelligence More and more In Online Marketing

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Hardly any topic has attracted more attention this year, such as Artificial Intelligence or AI. Many have only a vague idea of what this means in the true sense. The term Artificial Intelligence can include multiple disciplines, such as machine learning, robotics, speech or pattern recognition, and more.

It calls basically is artificial intelligence whenever machines or special self-learning algorithms implement something that is similar to human intelligence. We are also using Artificial intelligence more and more in online marketing, especially, when it can demonstrate its strength: The processing of very high volumes of data in the shortest possible time. You can meet with app development companies for tools to use artificial intelligence. We would like to introduce some areas here:

Programmatic buying

Precisely because buying advertising space via programmatic buying systems is often about valuing large amounts of data in order to be able to target advertising to customers, why AI is already being used here in many different variants. For example, it can analyze which advertising spaces can be used most effectively for a specific advertiser. It does this by testing many thousands of placements in a very short time, evaluating them and providing recommendations for action, or even directly optimizing purchasing.

However, the algorithms that continue to evolve themselves go far beyond such simple placements. Based on extensive historical user data, they can analyze the behavior and needs of users. Artificial intelligence can thereby create profiles of potential customers and determine which advertising materials are more suitable for the customer, in which environment, and at what time they should be displayed. App development companies can develop these AI algorithms.

We already use AI in programmatic buying today but will play a more significant role in the future. It enables tailor-made targeting for individual customers and thus significantly increases the effective output of the advertising material.

Use of artificial intelligence in the evaluation of the customer journey

For many large companies, the evaluation of individual marketing measures via a customer journey becomes more and more important. Above all, the difficulty lies in correctly valuing the many accumulated data. Only then, budgets for the different channels can be made meaningful. Self-learning algorithms that are capable of interpreting large amounts of data and calculating more and more optimal distribution on the channels can help companies to distribute budgets profitably. The road to algorithms that use a budget to design complete media plans for upcoming advertising campaigns is not far off.

Automatically generated individual content

For many websites and shops, the correct approach of their own customers plays an important role. Although many companies have a lot of customer data that they have already collected. So far, however, the use of this data failed because of the staff’s effort to analyze this data and apply it meaningfully. The special strength of artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data in a short time can be used here. Customer data is interpreted in such a way that a website or a shop can be individually tailored to the customer. For example, the buying behavior of a customer can be monitored and evaluated over a longer period of time. On his next visit, the customer will be addressed by specific products – e.g., product recommendations.

The generation of automatic content is not limited to the offers of products. Thus, AI algorithms designed by app development companies can also analyse the interest in the editorial content of a user. In the end, the user can increasingly read content for which he has shown interest in the past.

The same applies to companies that regularly send newsletters to their customers. By an extensive analysis that can accomplish an algorithm, a dispatch of newsletters would be possible whose contents are then no longer fixed but content-wise to the needs of the user individually oriented. For example, a travel provider could send their customers very personal travel offers for regions where they have already taken holidays. The application possibilities here are very versatile and make it possible to provide customers with information that really interests them. This not only ensures better customer loyalty but also enables targeted sales.

Artificial intelligence in social media

In social media, Artificial intelligence plays an important role especially on the big platforms like Facebook or Pinterest even if it is hardly consciously perceived by the users. On one hand, it serves to provide personalized content for the users. For example, Facebook has been using Artificial Intelligence for many years to provide the newsfeed with content for users that suit their interests. The LinkedIn platform proposes candidates for vacancies to companies. Machine learning is used to connect the necessary parameters such as place of residence, work experience or previous employer in such a way that people suitable for employers can be proposed. The Pinterest platform uses self-learning algorithms to interpret users’ pictures to show them personalized pins. In all three cases, the content is significantly influenced by artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the platforms also use intelligent algorithms to purposefully advertise to users.

App development companies attempt to use artificial intelligence in social bots, for example, independently manage all social media accounts. They generate content and react to users adequately. However, significant implementation difficulties still occur here. A particularly unusual and negative case was the development of the chatbot “Tay” by Microsoft. This had to be shut down after only 24 hours because it insulted users and expressed racism. So there is every doubt that artificial intelligence can really be used effectively in this field.


Even though we recognize the beginnings of the influence of AI in online marketing, the development will take some time. The examples show that AI will be an important factor in the future in online marketing as well. Besides, it is important to consult app development companies. When it comes to evaluating a lot of data, Artificial Intelligence will help online marketing specialists to optimally place content, products, and advertising. Despite all this, artificial intelligence is not a solution for all areas. Their results need to be well monitored, as they are prone to error, and wherever intuition and creativity are in demand, they are reaching their limits. You can meet with app development companies for tools to use artificial intelligence.

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