Why A Great Website Is Useless Without A Fantastic Sales Pitch On It

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Many app development companies have developed great apps and websites that are struggling with the low conversion rates. Are you also struggling with low sales despite hiring top-notch app development companies for your website and mobile app? Have you ever thought about a sales pitch?

You have spent a fortune on search engine optimization and your mobile app development companies have also integrated the latest trend on your mobile app, yet your website and mobile app are still not performing up to expectation.

You keep reaching out to more and more prospects but things don’t seem to change. Many organizations make the mistake. They hire the best web developers, app development companies, and highly experienced digital marketers but they leave out the most important part of their website – their sales pitch. In fact, some organizations just quickly compose sales pitches as a formality on their website.

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Hiring great app development companies to develop a great mobile app for you is great but it is not enough to fetch you huge sales without a great content. Here is the truth, your website and mobile app are platforms on which customers can purchase your products but having a great website will only bring them to your website. It is not enough to make them purchase anything. You won’t purchase a product that you don’t need just because the website looks great, will you?

So, you must back all your marketing and publicity campaigns with a fantastic sales pitch. Marketing will bring visitors to your website but the sales pitch on your website will make them order your products. That is why this article discusses sales pitch in details.

What you should know about a sales pitch

A sales pitch is used to persuade your potential customers to purchase your products or services. It must have certain components in other to be effective. This article has already discussed the components of effective sales pitches below. A sales pitch can be presented verbally, in text format on your website or on your social media account. Your sales pitch could also be presented in form of a video.

Why you need to prepare a sales pitch

The sales pitch is the most important part of marketing. Whatever your business is, you are either selling products or selling services. You need patronage to be profitable. Without sales pitch, your marketing campaign will have no focal point. It is your sales pitch that will make people purchase your products when they come across your adverts. Remember, all your marketing strategies are geared towards bring visitors to your website. It is the pitch that will make them hit the “order” button. Without a great pitch, the conversion rate of your website will be low. Visitors will only come and go without making any purchase.

Components of a great sales pitch

sales pitch

Effect sales pitches usually have the following components and you should ensure that yours has them too.

  1. Empathy to potential buyers
  2. Benefits of the products/services to buyers
  3. The advantages they have over competitors’
  4. A little bit of urgency
  5. Clear call to action

Empathy to potential buyers

Every product or services is a solution. So, to convince people to buy yours, you must demonstrate to them that you understand their situation. For instance, many people hoping to shed some weight have tried several programs and products without success. To sell a weight loss product to those people, you must let them know why many people have tried several programs and products unsuccessfully. As you do this, you are already winning the credibility of your audience. Hey, this guy seems to understand my problem. He may have the solution. They will be more eager to try your products.

Include benefits to buyers

People generally pay for benefits. They want to know what is in your products for them. So, your sales pitch must give enough benefits. Some sales pitches focus more on features and not benefits. This will not convince many customers. Which of the two sentences below will more likely stir you into making a purchase?

A. The shoes are black in color and you will love them.
B. The shoes are black in color and that means they will go with any outfit color.

The second statement will attract more orders than the first one because it has attached a benefit to the color.

Let them know the advantages your products have over others

After letting your audience know the benefits of using your products, they are probably going to remind you that other products within the same categories also offer the benefits. So, it is left for you to let them know why your products are better.

Add a little bit of urgency

Even after convincing them on your products, some of them may still want to procrastinate. That is why you have to give them a reason to make an order immediately. You could reduce the price temporarily. You can say this product goes for $12 now but the price will increase to its original price of $15 soon.

Include a clear call to action

It is funny that if you don’t tell your audience to do anything after a great presentation, most of them will obey you by not doing anything. Don’t assume that they already know what to do. Include a clear call to action at the end of your pitch.

In conclusion, the quality of your sales pitch will determine how much sales you make because that is where the real marketing lies. You must get it right. Without a great sales pitch, working with the best website or app builders will not make much difference.

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