Why Do You Think That The CodeIgniter MVC Framework Is Better Than Other PHP Frameworks

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It is one of the popular frameworks among the PHP platform built with a very small footprint for the developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create a web application with full feature. It is used to build dynamic websites. It can handle and manage large applications and it’s really easy to build. It is highly scalable due to its lightweight structured framework. It truly helps the enterprise website to engage and become successful.

Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Model-View-Controller (MVC) is a software design pattern used by the application to process and store several perspectives on similar information. This pattern is used by the application frequently. The MVC pattern falls on three categories,

• Data Handler
• User Interface
• Decision Maker

Model (M) -Data Handler

The data handler is nothing but the structure of the data interacts with the database or insertion, deleting the data that comes in file.

View (V) – User Interface

To represent your web project which means to display the UI part that contains HTML and CSS code is said to be view part of MVC.

Controller (C) – Decision Maker

The controller part is said to be an integral part of the system because it adopts the request to bind the data together. Let me describe to you, consider a client sends a demand to the object, then the object experiences controller which means it is the monitor to catch the requisition from view and passes it to the model for the suitable activity.

Handling the Error

The development platform of CodeIgniter helps to create an application with error-free by providing an interface to detect the error functions. It consists of error-logging class, further to provide you the feature to save the errors as text files. Error function reporting via the top of the index.php file as it provides easy to detect the errors in the file to create an error-free application.


Many in-built security tools consist of the Codeigniter framework as it really creates a benefit for securing the application. XSS Filtering, CSRF protection, Password handling, and Input data validation are the feature that has been provided by the framework to secure web applications.

This framework provides you to secure from the password in many ways. By the help of many default security features present in the framework gives you the level of option to be used to secure your application as your requirement for it. You will find in-built functions in PHP to be used in the project for input and output filtering. Functions in the framework are available for the encryption and decryption which helps the developer to send any data in the secret installation.

SEO-Friendly URLs

This PHP framework helps you to generate an optimized search-engine URL. It is good to use the segment-based approach than the standard query to provide flexible benefits to the web page in a more advanced way for the web developers from codeigniter development companies. It provides visitors to convert their normal URLs into SEO friendly.


This feature enhances the benefit of writing the code in a single line. It ensures various control structures that help you to generate codes without any errors.

File Organization can be made easily

It consists of many files in the applications which contain the sub-folders as controller, config, model, views, etc when you install the Codeigniter for the first time. This file is said to be the main folder part of the project when you deal to implement it.

Simple Configuration

The configuration is very simple in the Codeigniter MVC framework. You need not write the database whenever you use it. You can write one time and can use it everywhere.

Less Code and faster development

It is also said to be a rapid development framework that uses the code to write less amount which means it consumes less time to spend on typing. And also you no need to use the 3rd party library always for every new project as it most of the time it will be present with the default framework that you are installing.

Ease to Handle the Error

Codeigniter provides an error handling to be in a very light manner that you have to write only one line code to enable all the errors in front of you. You can also able to determine the error descriptive in the development code itself.

Testing With Development Phase Step by Step

In the starting phase of the project itself, you can make use of the test function to see the performance and the functionality of the project by that you can also test and view every phase of the project.

The Template gives the Solution faster

Most of the developers were migrating to the template side to develop the project with ease as the template gives you the idea for the design of the project even at the starting phase of the development you just need to give the content in that so it can create a less time to spend.

Codeigniter Cache Class

Most of the clients were like to work with the cache class in their project because the cache class allows you to give the result from the cache memory when you click the button once in the project, not by executing the complete code again after clicking.

Execution of the code

Execution time in PHP creates an important feature or property to enhance many users as it gives you the responses very fast than the other platform. Due to its execution time, it’s easy to handle the code when it comes to PHP. Every framework files consists of <?php if ( ! defined(‘BASEPATH’)) exit(‘No direct script access allowed’); in top of header. This code promises that the PHP file is not accessible directly by manipulating or running a script.

Final words

Codeigniter is an amazing platform for those who are looking to create a dynamic application. I hope the above word helps you to know the reasons for using the Codelgniter MVC framework than the other PHP frameworks.

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