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  • WP Pipes add-ons Bundle


    WP Pipes add-ons Bundle – WP Pipes plugin itself is carrying on the great mission to save time for WordPress users when they want to migrate their data, create curated content, such as: auto blogging, auto posting to social networks, auto updating to the shops… Just let WP Pipes know source and destination then your head will be free to work out of the data.

  • HTML Parser processor for Pipes


    HTML Parser processor for Pipes.

  • WooCommerce Destination for Pipes


    Together with a CSV Reader Source, WooCommerce Destination would turn WP Pipes into a perfect automated product importer for your WooCommerce store.

  • TextSpinner for Pipes


    Text Spinner processor for WP Pipes plugin.

    This plugin offers spin feature for an input text by using synonyms.

    The current version support English & French, more will come later.

  • Email source for pipes


    Email Source for WP Pipes plugin read emails from your mailbox in both IMAP and POP format.

  • WordPress.com destination for Pipes


    Add ability to Pipes plugin make auto posts on user accounts on Wordpress.com blog.

  • Blogger/Blogspot destination for Pipes


    An Add-on for WP Pipes that allows it to turn Blogger accounts into autoblogs with automated posts. It is the auto posting solution that allows blog authors to sync their blogs on these different platforms by using the RSS Feed that Wordpress.com automatically make for their customers.

  • Meta Data processor for Pipes


    Collect meta keywords and meta description from full HTML source code.

  • YouTube source for pipes


    Youtube Source for WP Pipes plugin.

    This source plugin helps getting youtube videos.