Google’s #IMakeApps Campaign: A Great Initiative to Promote App and Game Developers

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Google has always remained one of the biggest tech organization in the world, and over the last few years, that has only grown. Being one of the biggest and widely known tech organization, Google uses this fame to help other local developers. It often does this by funding innovative startups and helping them grow and realize their true potential.

Appreciating App Makers

Google has never let go an opportunity to promote third-party developers for the work they do, especially at events like Play Awards and other Indie Game festivals. To support this further, Google has come up with a new initiative called the #IMakeApps. This initiative is focused on celebrating and appreciating app makers that located in different parts of the world. #IMakeApps is one of the most trending tags on the internet currently and there are app developers from around the world who are coming together for this initiative.

Started in June 2018

The Android developer ecosystem consists of a lot of exceptional and interesting individuals who come from different backgrounds and have unique interests and dreams which help them achieve what they want. In order to celebrate the people who make up this community and enriches the community by contributing to it, starting in June this year, Google met with many developers, Founders, designers, and others from different parts of the globe to learn more about their dreams and passions and know them a little better in the way that what these people do once they step away from their respective computers.

Learn how to get featured in #IMakeApps campaign

From designers to developers and from founders to project managers each and every individual is eligible and can be a part of this campaign. The main goal of this initiative by Google is to boost the morale of android developers and other technical persons to be motivated to talk about their passion, process, dreams, and hopes.

We love this initiative by Google and are in full support of it. This is why today, in the article, we are trying to promote #IMakeApps campaign and making other app developers and app development agencies aware of it so that they can also be a part of it and take good advantage of it.

An easy process

You can easily be a part of this campaign. The process to enter the campaign is fairly simple. You can self-nominate yourself by using the #IMakeApps campaign hashtag on any of your social media accounts. In addition to that, you also share the mobile app or game that is developed or designed by you and what you are like when you are not working on developing innovative apps.

Get features in #IMakeApps film

All major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are playing a major part in spreading the news and making #IMakeApps viral. Google’s #IMakeApps campaign has allowed thousands of app developers to come forward and talk about their dreams and aspirations and what they expect from building mobile apps and game applications. You might also get a chance to get featured and be a part of an upcoming #IMakeApps films. For this, you will be needed to fill out the self-nomination form by Google and tell more about yourself and the game or app you have developed.

Keval Padia is a co-founder of Nimblechapps, a prominent mobile app development company based in India. He follows different tech blogs and current updates of the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.


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