How to get help from the ThimPress Support

This support policy is applied for all products and services which are provided by ThimPress. All the partners, clients and ThimPress staffs have to comply with the policy. ThimPress has the right to update this policy at any time and the change will effect immediately on any support cases.

Whenever you have questions or issues about our products, official ThimPress support team is always here for you.

In this article, we explain how to get help from our support team.

Before You Submit a Ticket

Submit a ticket is not the best way for your questions/issues, sometimes you can find your answer easily from our documentation, FAQs or even forums.

Submit a Ticket

With all the technical issues, you need to create a support ticket on ThimPress forum. We do not support technical issues via ThemeForest comment section, social networks, communities or email.

What is Supported:

  • ThimPress’ themes issues.
  • ThimPress’ plugins issue.
  • Small modifications.

What is not supported:

  • Third-party plugins or themes issues.
  • Ask for our code customization guide.
  • Each ticket have a limitation of 5 questions. If you have more than 5 questions, please create another ticket.


How to create an account and submit a support ticket.

Why is your ticket removed?

We receive thousands of tickets everyday and to maintain our system work well, we will remove your ticket in some cases below:

  • We close your ticket if you do not response after 45 days. It will be removed for the next 30 days.
  • Spam, advertising, insult, adult content, etc.
  • Ticket has more than 5 questions.

Delayed Response

There are some reasons which may cause a delay to your ticket response:

  • Not enough information.
  • No purchase code.
  • Many questions per ticket or new questions in the same ticket are submitted.
  • Local installation.
  • Difference in the time zone.