6 Best Smart Home Technologies For 2021

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There are plenty of home improvement blogs on the web. The rising competition makes it challenging for them to stand out. But you should not follow them blindly because they are mostly discussing things that are not applicable in your case. One unique point of nearly every renowned home improvement blog is that it will cater to every type of home, requirements, and of course, budget. But they are not our focus for today. Instead, we will talk about smart home technologies that you must have in 2021. Let’s start.

1. Mood& Intelligent Lighting

When it comes to smart home technologies, smart bulbs are the bare minimum. Today, you must have mood lighting in your homes. What are they? Imagine that you are watching a horror movie. Obviously, you would want the lights to be turned off or completely dim for the best experience, right? Well, you can sync your lighting with TV shows and other entertainment.

When you play your favorite TV show, the lighting will change accordingly. That’s not all. Consider that today’s weather forecast is a sunless late afternoon. Instead of turning on the lights manually, the intelligent lighting system will automatically turn on the lights. Intelligent lighting systems can also hook up with your security systems for added security.

2. Virtual Assistant

Nearly every home improvement blog will mention that a virtual assistant is a must-have smart home technology today. Well, they aren’t wrong. A virtual home assistant is now a necessity. It can save you considerable time and help you get the work done efficiently. The job of the assistant will be a lot more than just changing the songs or turning the lights.

Imagine a home that is fully integrated with your Alexa or Google Assistant. Well, it is no longer a distant dream and is becoming a reality with each passing day. Now, you can do a lot of fun things like power on the washing machine, check which items are in the fridge, turn on/off the robot vacuum cleaner. With Project Connected Home over IP, you don’t need to worry about computability issues either.

3. Smart Gym

What good is a house if it doesn’t have a gym? What makes the home even better is a smart gym. Not everyone has the time or motivation to go to a gym. It is why home gyms are the best option. In an intelligent gym, you can access virtual assistants and track your progress in real-time. That’s not even the end of it. Next level electromagnetic technology means that you can increase the weight or intensity of the workout with just a push of the button or a voice command.

Smart gyms can detect when people are struggling, and it provides prompt guidance to help you get through the set. In other words, you have your very own private virtual spotter. The best thing about this virtual spotter is that it does not sweat nor takes a day off. So, you can enjoy your routine exercise each day without any problems.

4. Smart Kitchen

Ask a hundred people what’s their favorite place in the entire house. The most common answer is the kitchen. After all, it is where we make the delicious food that enters our bodies. So, there needs to be a smart kitchen. If any home improvement blog does not mention a smart kitchen, it is time to ditch it. In an intelligent kitchen, all your appliances will be hooked up to your mobile or virtual assistant. You can sync your stove, microwave, mixer, and other appliances. So, when you come home after a tiring day, the dinner is ready and ready to be served.

5. Security

Smart security devices have been around for a long time now. But 2021 redefines security. It is expensive to set up security cameras all around the house. Instead, what if you have a drone camera that flies to the place where there’s a disturbance? Amazon’s new ring camera will be doing precisely what we just mentioned. Apart from this, you need to invest in fingerprint or face recognition locks for added security.

6. Mesh Wi-Fi

We just talked about a variety of smart home technologies to have or look out for in 2021. But all these technologies rely on the internet to weak seamlessly. In other words, a single or even two Wi-Fi routers are not enough to get the job done. Does it mean that you fit your entire house with Wi-Fis? No. Instead, invest in Mesh Wi-Fi technology which is a lot smarter than your average router. Mesh routers leverage the power of artificial intelligence to ensure consistent Wi-Fi speed throughout the house.

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