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People often mention how our products have changed their lives. As an organization and a community, we cherish the wonderful stories behind every project, every effort.

We invite you to share your success story and tell us how LearnPress, Education WP or any of our products is making a difference in your life,
that of a loved one or someone you know. No matter what you do or where you are, we want to hear how using our product (theme, plugins, etc.) has helped your business succeed.

Why #share your success story?

  • Inspire others:

    You’ve worked hard to accomplish what you set out to do, whether it is a large goal or a relatively small goal. By sharing your success story, you can provide inspiration and motivation to others who are struggling to achieve a similar goal.

  • Feature your work to thousands of people

    This could be a great opportunity to promote your product or your service. We will feature your project to thousands of company owners, freelancers, agencies, etc. in our network of websites and social media channels. Your story could be featured in our newsletter, shared on our web site, be the basis for a mini-documentary video or make it to a newspaper, magazine or TV program, etc.We will try to maintain and share 2 success stories to everybody every month.

  • Encourage us on keep doing our work

    We love our work and our products. However, hearing no news from our great customers like you make us a little sad. We would love to hear your story and to develop better products and services to help you success.

How to share your story?

Please submit this form about your story (short version only) and we will get back to you shortly for the full detail of your story.

Also, thanks for being awesome!

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