NetSuite CRM & Salesforce: Which One Is Right For Your Business ?

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netsuite crm vs salesforce

For Developers, choosing between the NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (NetSuite CRM) platform and Salesforce is a critical decision. It can have a huge impact on the ability of your company to adequately perform its core functions.

This article aims to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the two platforms to enable you to make an informed decision dependent on your company’s needs.

NetSuite CRM Advantages

  • A complete overview of customers, allowing you to build a profile of each of your customers to better serve them.
  • Real-time data for you to be able to accurately forecast sales. The range of tools available to NetSuite Development Companies to predict sales includes a system of checks and balances that are used to triangulate the sales forecast.
  • Time tracking of individual staff and client interaction giving you a better insight into each lead or customer.
  • Campaign management tools that enable you to launch campaigns based on solid data such as response patterns, demographics and purchasing trends.
  • Incentive compensation allowing you to accurately calculate commissions based on sales.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.

NetSuite CRM Disadvantages

  • Companies offering netsuite development services may notice that the user interface of NetSuite CRM is not very intuitive. This means an added cost for training and it makes the occurrence of errors more common.
  • The customer support provided by NetSuite CRM has been described as troublesome by users.
  • Notorious program upgrades.
  • High costs associated with customer support.
  • The company has been known to have a high customer turnover.

Salesforce CRM Advantages

  • Salesforce Consulting Companie experiences little to no risk while using it. This is because of its low acquiring costs, its low-risk management, and its many benefits.
  • Digitization of company sales records.
  • Good customer service from salesforce consulting companies.
  • No software required as it is an application with automatic updates.
  • Good analytics and reporting functions giving users the ability to expand their campaign capacity.

Salesforce CRM Disadvantages

The biggest disadvantage of Salesforce for developers is that it is only a CRM. Therefore, sharing your data with an ERP platform will require you to purchase more software making it very costly. It may also be lengthy and the migration process may be prone to errors.

Because the application runs on its cloud, there are times it is inaccessible due to its maintenance schedule.

Even though Salesforce in itself is inexpensive, the cost associated with integrating it and redesigning it may be very high.


After all is said and done, you have to decide which of the two best suit your company. You need to consider the flexibility and integration tools available on both platforms. NetSuite shows to be more robust and if you need ERP integration, your company could always supplement the NetSuite platform with third-party tools. If you are headstrong about having an intuitive UI, Netsuiteā€™s UI can be made significantly user-friendly using the proper integration tools. NetSuite CRM has shown to be more superior when it comes to customer relationship management platforms.

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