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Can’t log in to first page of the support forum

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    Dear support team,

    When I log in to the support forum, I can’t see the first page, and I seem to be logged out! Very strange and unfortunate, because I also can’t see the last support ticket that I send. I’m curious to see if you already replied! :D
    When I click on the next pages I am suddenly logged in and I see my former support tickets, so that seems to be working.

    A few days ago, once I’d send my last support ticket, I could suddenly view the first page, so now I just make this new message, which I hope will show me the first support page again! Could you maybe send an email to"> when you reply to my last support request? Than the log in issue isn’t a problem (and it was my last support request, the website is finished after that!)

    Many thanks for all your support, I love Thimpress and will purchase another theme in the near future!

    xx Carli

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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