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WP Hotel Booking | list of questions

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    Mountain Demand

    Hi, I am having some doubts regarding WP Hotel Booking. Please help me:

    1) THIS IS MAY MAIN PROBLEM: Isn’t there a back office calendar to check all the days and WP booking orders (by month, year, etc.)? Also, how can I manually set that a room is not available in some date? Besides the sits, there is, etc. If I get a reservation I need to make the room unavailable on the site, for that date;

    2) All my rooms – in the room settings – have the number of adults set to “double”. Therefor, on the reservation form, for that reason I believe, you can only select 2 as for number of adults. Is there a way that ONE can also be selected? Although beds are double, a single person my want to book the room for itself and may get confused when booking;

    3) Some rooms are up to 2 children, others to ZERO. On the booking form, if you chose 1 or 2 children to go back to zero you have to select the word CHILDREN, again, Is there a way to include ZERO in the drop down menu? People may get confused or select a number of children by mistake and then don’t know how to go to zero;

    4) I am using, as advised by Thimpress, the Loco Translate plug in because my site is in Portuguese. Some strings from the WP Booking don’t show up there (e.g. “please select room number”, “optional extras”, “Customer Info”, “View Cart”, “Your Cart is Empty”, “Your Booking”, “Your Reservation”, “I want to Pay All”, etc.). Any way to make this translation, directly on the code if needed? During Check Out it is key to translate things like PAYMENT METHOD, OFFLINE PAYMENT, etc. None of it shows on Loco.

    5) In the reservation Calendar months and day acronym are in English. That also happens during the entire booking and checkout process. I need to translate those to Portuguese;

    6) Can I change the order Rooms get displayed (rooms page, index carousel, etc.)?

    7) I created an extra option for an extra children bed (type: number). Some rooms have space for 2 children and other just for one. I want to limit the number of the extra option customers can select. Only 2 or 1, depending on the room. Right now, people can chose 100+ extra beds;

    8) At Checkout what is the “I want to pay all”, option. What does that mean?

    9) I am making no discount for advance payment, so I need the advance payment line to be removed from Checkout;

    10) As myw ebsite is in Portuguese – and I cannot translate it – I want to remove the Mr. Ms. field. I also don’t need the country option to be there and would like the telephone NOT to be mandatory;

    11) Also need to translate the all drop down for Price details (day acronyms, Vat is included, night, etc.);

    12) Still regarding the Children bed. If there was an option to chose the number of children after the search results show up, when rooms get listed (below the quantity option) and 25 euros would be added per extra room. There would be no need for the Extra Option;

    13) One of my room item has the quantity set to 10, cause there are ten of those same rooms. If you select – lets say 2 – and then view cart, the quantity option is grey and not editable. Shouldn’t people be able to add or remove to the quantity? There would be 8 more rooms of those available.


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