Authorize.Net add-on for LearnPress add-on for LearnPress provides another way for transaction to be done in the best convenient way for both parties

  • Transaction can be done by account if other payment gateways are not available

Price: $29.99

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How Add-on for LearnPress works

1. Add payment gateway to your course payment system

Transaction can be done by account if other payment gateways are not available.

2. Process payment independently without WooCommerce

Using LearnPress Authorize.NET Add-on, you can process payment independently without having to install WooCommerce for payment. If you only wantAuthorize.NET to be the sole payment processor on your site without the whole heavy WooCommerce system, this is the best choice for you.

How to Setup Payment Gateway for LearnPress with this Add-on

1. Download and Installation

Download and Install

  • Required Paid Membership Pro plugin. Download it for free on
  • To download Paid Membership Pro integration, visit ‘My Account’ on
  • Click ‘Orders’ and ‘View’ your order
  • Under ‘Order Details’, download the latest version of the plugin
  •  Install and activate both Paid Membership Pro plugin and Paid Membership Pro integration as following:
  • Visit ‘WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New’
  • Click ‘Upload Plugin’ and choose the plugin zip files that you just downloaded. Click ‘Install Now’ to start the installation process
  • After plugin installed successfully, click ‘Activate Plugin’ and you will be notified that the plugin is activated
  • The plugin is shown as activated and ready to use

2. Activate and setup payment system

  • Required account. Sign up new account here
  • Visit ‘LearnPress > Settings’
  • Under ‘Payments’ tab, choose ‘’ and check ‘Enable’


  • Fill in your Login ID and Transaction Key to be able to receive the payment. Please refer here to find those information.

  • ‘’ payment option is then available when students checkout

3. How LearnPress Payment Works

If you want to learn more on how LearnPress Payment Works, how to set it up, please check this original tutorial: LearnPress Payment Settings: The All-in-one tutorial


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