LearnPress Add-on for Mobile App

LearnPress – Mobile App seamlessly integrates with the LearnPress LMS plugin, making it effortless for educators to extend their existing courses to the mobile platform.

Price: FREE




Price: FREE

LearnPress – Mobile App is a plugin designed to enhance the functionality of the LearnPress learning management system (LMS) by providing a mobile app solution. With this plugin, educators and online course providers can extend their reach and engage with their learners through a dedicated mobile application.

The LearnPress – Mobile App plugin offers a seamless mobile learning experience, allowing learners to access course content, complete assignments, and track their progress, all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets.

Key Features of LearnPress – Mobile App:

1. LearnPress – Mobile App supports in-app purchases, allowing learners to conveniently purchase courses and additional learning resources directly from the mobile application.

2. With LearnPress – Mobile App, learners receive push notifications, keeping them informed about course updates, and important announcements. These notifications help learners stay engaged and ensure they don’t miss any crucial information, enhancing their overall learning experience through timely and relevant communication.

LearnPress – Mobile App supports Eduma Mobile App (iOS, Android).
Download here.