10 Best Free Video Downloader Apps For iPhone & iPad

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Downloading videos from online sites to your iPhone and iPad is a bit difficult but it is not impossible. There is no direct way for you to download the video from sites like Dailymotion or YouTube. In this case, it would be better to use free video downloader apps available for the iOS platform. Nowadays, the majority of internet traffic is taken by the best streaming shows. People watch videos online and save it for offline usage. So, in this article, we have mentioned some of the best free video downloader apps for iPhone and iPad.

Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Cloud video player pro – Play Videos from Cloud

As its name suggests, it is one of the best video downloader app for iPhone and iPad. This app comes with cloud support. It is a versatile video downloader application as it allows the user to download videos and save them on your device. Hence, it is the solution to download those videos to your device, which is not much likely to download using other apps.

With this app, it is just a matter of one click to download a video. The downloaded videos are safely stored in-app storage. In addition, we can download the videos from almost all the sites where we can stream the videos. It is a user-friendly application that allows you to watch all the downloaded videos in it without any hassle.


Videos can be downloaded in different formats such as WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, m3u8, and many more.

You can even protect your videos with the help of a passcode. Surely, this way someone else will not be able to access your videos.


You can also download the videos with subtitles.
This app provides external USB storage support.
The downloaded videos can be shared via this app.
It is free of cost.

#2. Video Downloader Free – Free Video Downloader and MP4 Player

If you want an accurate video downloader along with an MP4 player, then you should download the Video Downloader Free from App Store. This app is perfect for all the video downloading needs of an iOS user. You can download the videos from sites like youTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo.


You can download the video for free without any hassle.
It has a simple interface with an inbuilt media player and file manager. You can play the videos without downloading any third-party application and personalize it.
You can transfer the videos to the camera roll as well.
It can perform the videos from iTunes and other video downloader apps.

#3. MyMedia

It is also one of the video downloader apps for iOS devices. It allows you to download the videos to your iPhone and iPad from the web. When you copy the URL of the video and paste it in my Media Browser it gives you the option to either download the video or only play it.


You can rename your video before downloading it.
It is user-friendly software.
After downloading the video, you have the option to save your video your iPhone or you can also export the video in other apps.
This app is available in the free version.

#4. iDownloader – Download Manager

There are many video downloader apps by top app developers that require the link of the video to download it. The process becomes quite irritating and lengthy as you need to copy the link and paste it again and again. For avoiding such a problem, start using iDownloader, as it has a smart way to download the videos. It runs in the background and you can download the videos on the site itself. Moreover, it is not restricted to videos, one can also download audio files and any other documents to your iPhone.


It can download multiple files like videos, audio, and documents.
You can download more than 50 videos at a time.
It allows you to download the videos with a single tap.
Having an inbuilt file viewer and manager.
It can download videos in different formats and excellent picture quality.
You can share videos with your family and friends through Whatsapp and any other apps.
It provides all its services free of cost.

#5. DownloadMate

DownloadMate allows you to download the videos to the iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Certainly, it is a popular application. You can view, play, and edit the downloaded videos directly from your iPad or iPhone. And, DownloadMate authentication with google search via HTTP integrated with it, web browser with tabs, bookmark manager.


You can see the progress of the download with the life progress bar.
You can customize the location of the video according to you.
It has a user-friendly graphical user interface.
DownloadMate also displays the number of active downloads.
If somehow the video downloading gets interrupted, you are allowed to resume the interrupted downloads.
You can even convert the downloaded videos to zip file format.

#6. Video downloader

If you are looking for a video downloader for the videos on your iPhone, this app is a perfect match. You can download this app without wasting your time. Because it is a user-friendly application and allows you to download the videos without any difficulty. You don’t have to copy the link and paste it into the application to download the videos. Therefore, the video downloader always runs in the background and helps to download the videos with good video and audio quality.


It is a user-friendly application.
A user can share the videos through the option of a Wi-Fi transfer PC or Mac.
Can also apply a password to your videos to keep them safe.
You can manage all the videos with the help of an inbuilt download manager and media player.

#7. Best Video Downloader

Here comes another video downloader, which is used by iPhone and iPad users to download videos. It is famous for its features that make the video more appealing with different effects. You can download the video directly from the site or can use the link to download it. Moreover, it saves the downloaded videos safely, which you can get through its app. So, no matter the video you want either from youtube to mp3 converter or Vimeo, you can download it easily with the help of Best Video Downloader.


This app always runs in the background so you can download the video while playing.
It provides an option of playback even when the app is closed.
You can set up a timer to stop the video and can put the device in sleep mode.
Also, it supports different video formats to download.

#8. Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a modifiable and flexible Video Downloader for iPhone. It provides you a different experience for downloading videos on the internet. Next, its inbuilt browser can be used to browse the videos and download them to the phone directly. However, this browser does not save the browsing history of the device history option. But, it provides the freedom to browse and download the video.


It contains a built-in browser, media player, and file manager.
Using a passcode to protect your downloaded videos as well.
Transferring the videos to the camera roll off the phone.
Downloading the videos in high-quality video and audio.

#9. Free Video Downloader

This app helps you to download videos on your iPhone for free. You can download videos from any site or any part of the Internet. Surely, you might not face any difficulty in downloading videos with the help of this amazing video downloader. You can search for your video and download it quickly.


Its Graphic User Interface (GUI) is user friendly.
You are allowed to play videos according to you by creating your playlists.
These videos can also be played in the background even when the app is closed.
The quality of the downloaded videos is very good.
This app includes a file manager and an in-built media player.

#10. Video Downloader Super Premium ++

It is an amazing app with excellent downloading options. Therefore, you can enjoy the benefits of those options on your iPhone. Video Downloader Super Premium ++ is a precise application that allows its user to download in-time videos. You can also play the video in the background after closing the app. Many features are there in this app that are not present in other apps.


The videos can be downloaded in all iOS formats.
A user can create his playlist of videos in this app.
It also has a user-friendly Graphic User Interface(GUI).
You also can transfer your downloaded videos to the camera roll of the device.


To sum up, everyone now can enjoy downloading their favorite videos on their iPads and iPhones with amazing video quality. You can use one of these fantastic tools which are mentioned above. All the applications are available on the App Store. You might also like to read about the best photo editing apps for android & iOS.

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