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Mobile technology is transforming lives. The uses of mobile device are changing. Unlike in the past, they are no longer only for communication. There are other areas of life where they help provide genuine help. Today, mobile devices qualify as ideal educational tools. Top app development companies are taking advantage of this. Mobile app and app developers use the opportunity to create powerful educational tools. They are creating mobile platforms for interactive education. These platforms aid science lovers’ search of knowledge. These are mobile apps. They are unique and powerful.

Mobile apps help science lovers connect to useful information using mobile devices. These applications offer users the platform of holding science in their hands. It puts massive and quality science resources within easy reach. It provides opportunities for science lovers’ to learn and research while on the go. They provide platforms for teachers and students to study science. These apps on mobile devices provide easy access and understanding of science. They use animations, videos, and podcasts to teach science. Most of them assess the mental ability of teachers and student about science. Top app development companies work within the clock to improve these apps. Same applies to app developers and mobile app developers.

These downloadable apps are handy for introducing basic science principles. They are also essential for sharing college or university science materials. To say the truth, there is more than one app for each science subject or topic. It is the responsibility of science lovers to search for the right app from the lot. In this post, it is of relevance to highlight few science apps that makes science easy.

Amazing Science Facts is an Android mobile device app. It contains millions of science facts. It gives users the opportunity to learn new science facts and interests. It delivers daily science updates to its users. Users can search for specific science topics using this app. It allows users to share fascinating science facts on Twitter, Facebook and on emails. It can function without network or Wi-Fi.

The Element is a mobile app available to Apple device users. It is available for download at a cost of $13.99. The Element design stems from Theodore Gray’s The Elements. This app illustrates the periodic table of elements in chemistry. It is a visual presentation of the periodic table. Users of this app can click on each element to view the objects that makes up an element. This app shows important details about each element in the periodic table. The app provides full history on the uses of each element. It shows all industrial and commercial uses of each element. This app is more of an interactive and fun educational app.

Science Bank is a free mobile app available to Android device users. It is an app full of science definitions and facts. It gives users the opportunities to explore chemistry, physics, biology, environment, and space. Users have access to photographs and diagrams that bring science back to live. It allows users to save facts and pictures for future reference. It allows users to add science facts to share with other users.

Science Journal is a free Google Science Journal mobile app for Android device users. It turns Android mobile devices into a handy science device. It uses the sensors of the device to record level of sound, light, and movements. It works in combination with some science experiment from Exploratorium. This app explains experiments using basic scientific method and basic principles in physics. It is handy for those who want to learn about basic principles of science.

3D Brain is available to Android device users. It provides the platform for users to view the brain on 3D images. It has 29 interactive structures of the brain. Users use this app to study about brain structures and functions. Users can learn the dangers of any form of damage to the brain. It educates users on mental illness. It shows the brain areas responsible for a specific type of mental illness. It provides links that connect to case studies and research on human brain. This will serve as references to users who want to study more.

Journey of Invention is an app available to only users of Apple mobile devices. This is a collaborative work between Science Museum of London and Touch Press. It is an educational app that brings history of science inventions to mobile devices. It allows its users to operate certain groundbreaking inventions using their mobile device. App users access Robert Hooke’s microscope and Apollo 10 Command Module in virtual space. Besides, it provides platforms for users to operate the Enigma encoding machine. This app helps to explain the connections between inventions. It shows how one technology facilitates new understanding, innovation and inventions. It is a handy tool for lovers of science history.

Complete Anatomy is a free app accessible for Apple mobile device users. Its unlocking requires $4.99. This is a complete anatomy app available on mobile devices. This app provides extensive resource for health professionals, students and teachers of medicine. It delivers 3D pictures of the human body and organs. It displays vital organs, various human systems in full 3D. The app provides complete information and views on human body parts. Users of can tap on body parts for better explanations of such part. It provides cloud platforms where users save and share relevant notes. It helps provides animations and videos that help in exploring human body parts. It offers navigation options to users.

NASA mobile app is available to users of Android and Apple devices. It allows users to keep to date with all NASA news. This app helps users keep track of news, images and features from NASA. On this app, users can watch on demand NASA videos. It is an app that provides relevant information, discoveries, and plans of NASA. This app provides the opportunity for users to view a collection of more than 14,000 NASA images. It offers a live NASA TV for users. It gives users access to post to NASA on Facebook and Twitter. Users can download this app for free.

EarthViewer is mobile app compatible on both Android and Apple devices. This is an app its users to explore geological events. It allows users to explore future, past and present geological events. Science lovers explore Earth’s movement across several years in interactive manners. It shows users temperature maps of past million years. Users can look up historical events, study them for in-depth knowledge. Major events and eras from time immoral are all available for exploration. This is a great educational app for science lovers.

iTunes U is a free mobile app for use by Apple device users. This app provides users with many courses from world-class universities. It is a platform where users can learn on various science topics for free. Users do not earn college credit from studies on this app. It is an invaluable tool for home school learners.

There are millions of science apps available but our post highlights only a few. We ask that science app lovers should search for what they want. Science apps are within reach on mobile stores. Download yours and learn as much science facts as possible. You never know when the knowledge will be of use. Top app development companies, app developers and mobile apps develop work 24/7 to meet needs. So, appreciate them by using these apps to better yourself.

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