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Why education WordPress theme is becoming popular?

When we remembered a few years ago, e-learning might be very strange and mostly unknown. However, the growth of technology, especially the pandemic has been creating a crisis. Many countries have to realize lockdowns or quarantines, so everyone must stay at home. 

Although physical business activities obligate to stop, online forms have been strengthening. By all mean, education is the same as others, learning online is carried out by universities, schools, and so on. Online courses have been developed for a long time, but it has not been noticed yet.

Education WordPress theme is a crucial factor of e-learning. For schools and universities, online teaching form needs to WordPress LMS. Common online courses include 3 main parts like contents, plugins and themes.

Indeed, you can easily see education themes on your university or your courses that you have ever attended. Nowadays, all students of any age are using e-learning. Next, you are going to recover things to assure you have a hand-picked choice with an education WordPress theme.

Best educational WordPress themes

Which is the best education WordPress theme? Themes must ensure 5 criteria: professional design, registration form, plugin, responsive look and integration with a website builder.

The first noticed thing is a profession and a responsive form. Most schools concentrate on building an efficient management system. Besides, responsive look also means the high flexibility because it can apply on various services from PC to the cell phone.

At the same time, plugin and theme make up e-learning completely, while themes will compatible with the typical plugins. The theme keeps learners’ attention, yet the plugin shows convenient features that directly relate to the using process of both you and your students.

For online course, the registration form is essential due to the enrollment. The function of website builder here accelerates making online websites. Thanks to the simplify as well as cost, WordPress is a significant recommendation.

Education WordPress Theme – Eduma

eduma education wordpress themes

Eduma is an education WordPress theme which reserves all criteria.

Education WordPress theme Eduma is continuously best-selling education theme in recent years. In this sector, it is always a high evaluation from the partner.

The font of Eduma is yellow, white and black. Together with bold form, this creates a modern design. The demo is one of the important parts in a theme. Eduma provide some basic demos like the modern university, one instructor, online school, IVY League or Eduma Stanford.

However, there are some premium demos such as Eduma Edtech, Grad school, Kid Art and so on. When you see these demos, you will see the unique that you cannot see any where else.

Eduma is the best WordPress theme of ThimPress. From demos, it is widely claimed that the purpose of Eduma aims to diverse customers.

Demo Download

The management system of the university contains both modern and classic designs. Moreover, Ivy League demo still make excitement and reliability. Eduma successfully covers all educational object.

Porpular education WordPress themes

Themeforest education WordPress theme where shows any themes as you need. When you access the address of ThemeForest, it will appear a list of best education WordPress themes. And another theme in this list is Course Builder.

WordPress LMS Course Builder

WordPress LMS Course Builder

Course Builder is still one of the best WordPress themes of ThimPress. Demos of Course Builder are going to explain why it becomes a best-seller.

With e-learning form, let’s you drop-in:

  • Demo E-learning II: This is entitled “The most up-to-date content” and designed a very comfortable blue colour. Moreover, the smart order of feature keeps users’ sympathy.
  • Demo Corporate Learning: Unlike E-learning II, this demo has a mixture of partners such as Atlantica Multimedia, Alaska Magazine, Network Technology and so on, why is called Corporate Learning.
  • Demo Kit Builder: if you want to find both academic and easy-going theme, this can be exactly what you need.

Course Builder has a very interesting demo: Test Prep. Similarly, as the name, it serves exam formats like SAT.

A unique demo of it is Single Instructor. I am sure that you have ever seen online courses which are taught by a group of instructors. The appearance of Single Instructor as a result of independent teachers and instructors.

As the previous introduction, Course Builder still provides demos to online education WordPress theme.  Both the learning management system and online courses, it can make them perfect.

Don’t worry if you suppose that you can have some difficulty when you must do by yourself. Because you don’t need about coding, this theme has already had all the essential functions of an online course for you.

Together with the compatibility with LearnPress- the top WordPress LMS plugin, not only demo Single Instructor but also any demos of Course Builder include outstanding features.

Demo Download

Ivy Prep – Ivy school WordPress Theme

Ivy school WordPress Theme

This theme is going to make you a strong impression as the very famous Ivy League Schools. Especially, Ivy Prep is a combination of and Course Builder. Therefore, it will associate the most optimal functions and features.

At present, Ivy Prep is having 7 demos including basic forms and two newest demos. If you intend to professional and a little bit formal style, you will be suitable with Academy, Online Degree, university and Colleague Prep.

Nevertheless, two rest demos can’t be academic, but they are very strange. With the latest updated demos, Art School and Driving School are expected to be new choices.

For example, art is an abstract subject which seemly intended for enthusiast or artists, yet art school online will facilitate people who are interested in art. Because sometimes people are often busy with individual work or they don’t have a condition to focus on a pro art university.

That is the reason for the production of Art School, ThimPress are extremely sensitive to design.

Demo Download

In summary

The best-selling products are always their reasons. An education theme cannot be a high requirement for aesthetics, but it has to focus on content – the front and others. With Eduma or Course Builder, aside from functions and features, they are various design for users.

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