How instructor feature works in LearnPress and Eduma

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We all know that, for an education website that integrates e-learning features, Instructor is a must-have feature. Luckily, instructors and co-instructor have been implemented so strongly that it’s very easy to use with high effectiveness.

In this article, we will learn about how the Instructor feature works in Eduma, what Instructors can do? Also how to assign a course to an instructor? how to promote someone into an instructor, and also all about instructors?

The requirement for someone to be an instructor

The only requirement for someone to be an instructor is that when the instructor has an account on your website.

You can manually create an account for your instructor if you want (via WP-Admin > Users > Add New)

Or you can let your instructor create an account on your site (How to allow registration on your site? If you are using WordPress single site, please go to Menu Settings / General / Memberships / Anyone can register (wp default).

If you are using WordPress multisite, please go to your Network Admin > Settings > Check the radio box for User accounts may be registered of the field Allow new registrations under the Registration Settings)

Allow Registration for MultiSite

You can also set up Social login by using MiniOrange so that the registration process will be ways faster and easier.

How to assign someone to be an instructor?

There are many ways you can promote other people to be instructors. You can manually set any user to be an instructor; you can let your users register as instructors and you will approve or you can even let everybody register as an instructor from the beginning.

Method 1: Manually set someone to be instructor

In order to do this, please go to your WP-Admin > Users > Search for the user and Edit > In the Edit User window, under the Role drop-down field, choose Instructor > Save.
After that, the user’s role will be changed to Instructor. Then, your instructor probably can add courses.

Method 2: You can let your users register as instructor and wait for your approval

Currently, on our demo for Eduma, we are using this function. You can see the demo here.

There will be a page where your users can go to and sign up to be instructors, and after that, there will be a notification email sent to your email account requesting an instructor role. There will also be a quick link in the email for you to accept or deny instructor requests.

register as instructor for Instructor feature

If accepted, the user’s role will immediately become an instructor and have access to LearnPress course creation page.

The default page for Become An Instructor page is LP Become A Teacher. You can access it with the url Where is your domain. You can change it in LearnPress settings: Go to WP-Admin > LearnPress > Settings > Pages > Become a teacher

Method 3: Let everybody register and become instructor right from the beginning

If you choose to use this method, everybody can be instructor just like the way Udemy works. Here’s the workflow: Upon registration, there will be a check box asking if the user also wants to be an instructor. If yes, the user will immediately become an instructor after registration finish.

backend settings
Back-end Settings
register in Instructor feature
How the button display in Registration process

Here’s how to do that: Login to your WP-Admin > LearnPress > Settings > General > Allow Instructors Registration

F.A.Q about Instructor feature

Can Instructors take other people’s courses?

  • Yes, absolutely

Can Instructors take or access their own course?

  • Absolutely!

How can Instructors edit a course?

  • Just login to their accounts, go to WP-Admin > LearnPress, they will see their courses.
    Or instructors can also go to their Profiles to see their courses. After that, instructors can edit each lesson by clicking on the lesson and click Edit

Will instructors be able to add courses without having to wait for reviews?

  • By default, all courses made by instructors will need to be reviewed by admins. You can let courses published immediately by going to LearnPress > Settings > Courses > uncheck the box of “Review course before publish”
  • There is also an option of Enable edit published course – Allow instructors to edit the course that is published without review. If this option is disabled, the course status will be changed to Pending Review when the instructor update course.

I am the Admin, I created Courses, but I will need others to manage courses for me, how to do that?

  • To do that, you will need to have Co-Instructors add-on installed. If you are using our theme, LearnPress Co-Instructors is automatically installed on your site. You can get the add-on on our website –
  • After that, while editing course, under the General Settings for that course, there will be a form field called Co-Instructors. Just enter the username of the instructor and Save. After that the person entered will become instructor for the course.

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