Main Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Videos As A Background On A Website

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Using videos as a background is a trend that emerged a couple of years ago and is still used today. In itself, videos are a powerful element that has the ability to capture the attention of users immediately. Since in web design, every second counts and it is required to attract the attention of visitors, videos emerge as an ideal resource in these situations.

A video not only has the ability to capture attention but to clearly communicate a message that is aligned with the brand, but it is often directly related to the company, such as the audiovisual production company or some other company that provides audiovisual services.

This trend, like many others, has its advantages and disadvantages that you should carefully analyze if you are thinking of incorporating videos as a background on your website. Additionally, you should ensure that you implement this resource appropriately to make the most of it without affecting the user experience.

In this article, we mention the main advantages and disadvantages that videos have as a background so that you are aware of them if you decide to implement it on your website.


We’ll start by reviewing the positives of using videos as the background on your website:

• Capture the attention of your visitors

Videos as background are a resource that you can highlight among other pages that present photographs or sliders. Due to the very nature of videos, there are greater possibilities of capturing the attention of your users. Of course, to achieve this goal, the video must contain scenes that impact visitors and that relate to the brand or company.

As you should already know, on the home page it is essential to capture the attention of visitors, for this, top web developers use not only photographs and sliders, but also other design concepts to achieve a harmonious design where all the elements are organized. Since videos are moving images, they capture the attention of your visitors much more, not to mention that they can be one of your favorite resources because they are used to seeing them continuously on various social networks.

Videos as background are not only a striking resource that captures the attention of your visitors, but also allows your website to be modern and current.

• Quickly explain a service, product or process

In addition to being a striking resource, videos allow concepts to be explained more easily. In this way, by using a video as a background you not only increase the chances of capturing the attention of users, but you can incorporate videos that are really related to the brand or where users can clearly see the identity and message of the brand.

You can also use videos to explain some process, for example if you want to show how the work procedure is. This is a type of video that is usually used in agencies and it can be effective to incorporate it because it allows future clients to understand a little more about the process.

An explanatory video can also be placed showing the different types of services offered. The editing must be impeccable as you remember that the video will have no sound, so the actions presented in the video should be enough to associate it with the service.

There are many types of videos that you can implement as a background, whether it is an informative, explanatory or advertising video, they are all intended to explain a particular concept.

• Improve SEO

Since video is a popular resource not only on websites, but also on other platforms, you can take advantage of this situation and publish your video on different social networks as a promotion. You can post it on YouTube and link it to the company’s official social media accounts to increase the number of views of the movies on YouTube. The more views your video has, the more your SEO positioning increases.

Additionally, you have options to place keywordson YouTube, so you can perform SEO actions appropriately. Since YouTube is a platform that belongs to Google, you further increase your chances of improving the SEO of your page. Of course, there are other platforms that you could use to upload your files, but resorting to a free and popular platform like YouTube may be the right option.


Now we will go on to review the main disadvantages presented by the videos as a background so that you can compare them with the advantages and make a decision about it:

• It has a longer response time

Videos, due to the nature of their format, can negatively affect response time. This implies that the page load takes longer than usual. In itself, this disadvantage would be enough for you to desist from placing videos as a background because you know how relevant a fast response time is for users. Luckily, there are ways to optimize videos to load faster. However, images definitely have a shorter loading time than videos.

You should use all the necessary resources so as not to affect the page load time so much, as well as carry out various tests to verify if the response time is ideal. So, even if there are solutions, it is a disadvantage that you should definitely consider when making your decision.

• Not compatible with mobile browsers

Mobile browsers, whether iOS or Android, do not automatically play videos, unlike computer browsers. Of course, you can place the icon representative for users to decide to play the video, but somehow you lose some of the experience and it doesn’t feel as intuitive as the video playing automatically.

In addition to these features of mobile browsers, many users have a limited data plan and spend a lot of megabytes when playing a video. In this way, they spend more data every time they decide to watch a video. This could be potentially problematic, since users who do not see the videos lose part of the experience.

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