Best ways to improve SEO help you to stay updated in 2018!

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In the super-competitive market today, whatever field your business is working on, SEO is always one of the most crucial factors you must bear in mind all the time, besides the quality of your products. Search engine nowadays is considered the most common channel to increase the engagement between your customers and your business. The higher rank you get on Google, the bigger range of demographics you approach.

However, technology itself is changing constantly; and so do the search engines. They become increasingly sophisticated with the improved algorithm. This requires every company to discover and adopt the new rules quickly to avoid being left behind. We realize that the percentage of Google search traffic from the very first-page result is up to 91.5%, which means that you have to grab your chance to bring your site on top of this list. The position in Google search results absolutely affects the visibility together with the amount of traffic to your page.


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ThimPress suggests you some tips to improve SEO for your site which some site owners usually overlook or don’t realize how important they are. Let’s start!

“Basic” is the key point.

With the application of machine learning Google has been using, they will give their users the most relevant results to the search keywords. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about the algorithm or tricks or anything else. Just prepare good enough for your content. Understand what customer really wants and give them what they desire. Let the search engines do the rest for you. Customers’ attention span is not really welcome too lengthy contents with flowery words. The more direct your text, your videos or images are, the higher chances you create for Google to catch you!

Google – the trendsetter

The fact is that Google has been regarded as the standard for SEO. And this is not going to change in the short time. That’s why you should follow Google with its updates all the time. The most important thing you should note is mobile-first content of your page. By the end of 2016, there are 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, which is synonymous with 2 billion chances of getting caught on mobile devices on Google. Searching on mobile has appeared as a primary focus, Contents shown on mobile will take more opportunities in search engine crawling and ranking. Why do you let the chance go? Don’t worry! ThimPress’ huge library of WordPress theme is always available for you with mobile-super-friendly designs. They can be compatible with any devices: desktop, tablet, etc. Do check it out! Many promotions are awaiting!


Improve your UX

You never think that UX can play an important role in SEO, besides in attracting visitors, do you? Google with their newest artificial intelligent RankBrain prefer sites that deliver better customer experiences and high-speed loading pages. Of course, conventional search based on keywords will be here to stay. However, it’s worth noticing to optimize your UX, not only to improve SEO but also to bring the greatness to your customer. ThimPress is also your trusted source to supply you the most amazing UX in our every theme. Come with us and experience yourself!

Make sure to clarify your target

Asmentioned above, SEO is no longer just searching by keywords. It is about intent clarification as well. Don’t make your site become a bundle. It is easy for you to manage the site as well as to increase the visibility to search engines. You need to ensure that your online contents are all around your purpose which is what users want to find when they search for your company or product.  Think about how readers might search for each page on your site so that you can take it as a core then develop your content around it. This is one of the reasons why ThimPress designs various themes in many different categories to fit in a variety of business.

Keep updating

You know that customers don’t want to read the same content over and over again. Search engines do, too. You might be at the Top 1 once. But it cannot happen twice with similar age-old words or images. Regularly update will be an indicator of your site to be found by search engines. Stay fresh!

Take advantages of tags

Don’t forget you have a useful assistant – alt tags in your visual media. Visitors may not see them, but they are powerful for sure. They allow search engines to locate your page. Some page owners often pay less attention to this. But it is very crucial, especially for people using text-only browsers.

Another fundamental tag you shouldn’t go over is header. Firstly, it helps your content more organized and clearer. It is easier for visitors to follow as well. They never want to read anything that forces them to spend too much effort. Secondly, as we are discussing, your SEO will be increased tremendously with header tags. Your content is segmented into sections, and search engines love it!


Make your hyperlink more meaningful

Instead of writing cliché boring “click here”, you can try to stick more details to the link. Obviously, “click here” is related to no result you want, right? For example, we don’t use “Click here” to link you to the portfolio of ThimPress on ThemeForest. We should attach the URL into the text “ThimPress WordPress Themes” for instance. Doing this will improve your search engine rankings.

Prepare strategies for keywords

Old but gold. No matter how artificial intelligence and machine learning might be developed, searching by keywords is still noteworthy. Without proper keyword research, sorry to say this, but your SEO campaign is likely to fail despite how much you have paid for it. With the keyword “Western restaurants”, users might want to search for news about the restaurants in general. But if you make it more specific, like “luxury Western restaurants”, this phrase tends to be caught by persons who are finding a place to eat out.

Last words

By trying combining these tips we just reveal, ThimPress hopes that you will succeed in managing your WordPress site. We also include SEO in each product of us. And one more thing to remember, write it for users, not sacrifice for SEO only. You need your customers to stay with you, not to visit only “once in a lifetime”, right?

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