WooCommerce Add-On for LearnPress

Easy to connect WooCommerce to your LMS website, easy to sell your courses online with no obstacle.

( $34/year )

Price: $49

  • Transaction can be done by WooCommerce account if other payment gateways are not available.
  • Immigrate the profile page between WooCommerce and LearnPress. You can see “Order” tab in the LearnPress profile page.
  • Add an option which only allows customers to buy your courses as one product of WooCommerce.
License: 1 site license + 12 months support and update.

Price: $49

( $34/year )

Change Logs

= 4.0.9 (2022-11-09) =
~ Changed: option buy direct course is default.
~ Deprecated: LP_Woo_Payment_Admin_Course class.

= 4.0.8 (2022-10-07) =
~ Added: message for function "Buy Course via Product."
~ Fixed: error items cannot be added to LP Order when WC Order is completed by some host without enabling background; will run manually rather than through background.
~ Supported: the shortcode [learn_press_button_course].

= 4.0.7 (2022-08-08) =
~ Fixed: js - with more buttons add to cart on single, archive course.
~ Added: LP Order key on WC order
~ Fixed: error when buying course and product on the same order.

= 4.0.6 =
~ Added: hook 'learnpress/wc-order/can-purchase-product' for 'Addon coming soon' can rewrite.
~ Fixed: error conflict with addon H5P - not show list product when assign courses to product.

= 4.0.5 =
~ Modified: hide_show_price_course function.
~ Fixed: error don't check out of stock with user not login.
~ Added: LP_Order key on WC Order.
~ Fixed: error can't find course like product on the WC Coupon - Backend.

= 4.0.4 =
~ Fixed: use WC_Cart on ajax will be null something
~ Fixed: error Create woo order manual not create LP Order
~ Change hook "add to cart"
~ Remove function LP_Addon_Woo_Payment_Preload::get_template to use default of LP_Addon

= 4.0.3 =
~ Add LP_Addon_Woo_Payment_Preload::get_template.
~ Load assets on the button add-to-cart.
~ Modified "update_lp_order_status" function.
~ Fixed status enable default.
~ Fixed styles.

= 4.0.2 =
~ Show "Order Woocommerce" on the LP Profile page.
~ Added: function assign courses to product, user can buy list course via product, show tab list course on product assigned
~ Added: button add to cart on course archive page.

= 4.0.1 =
~ Fixed minor bugs

= 4.0.0 =
~ Fix compatible LP4