Top 7 incredible social media plugins for WordPress

social media plugins

More and more businesses are trying to connect with customers through social media. And why not when it represents a very good opportunity for any budding online business to expand its reach. Now, for those who use WordPress as your platform to deliver content to the online masses, I’ll show you the direction of the best plugins for sharing your content across all trendy social media platforms.

Why do you need a WordPress sharing plugin?

While surfing the web, many businesses find that many websites do not have sharing features. Sometimes reading great content, but when you want to share it with your friends, it is not possible.

Or if I want to, I need to copy the link and then embed the URL on social platforms. It is very time-consuming and inconvenient and I think very few people do it.

Now think if 100 people want to share like me but cannot do it, the website owner will miss 100 opportunities to reach thousands of his friends on social networks. That is an example of a very small number compared to the number of users on social networks worldwide. 

As you can see, Facebook alone accounts for more than 2.4 billion users, not to mention Youtube, Instagram & many other platforms. That’s why social media marketing (SMM) is a must-see if you want to take advantage of the best free resources on the Internet. So take some time to equip your WordPress share buttons. Surely you will see positive signs for your Website.

Top social media plugins for WordPress

1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed sharing plugin

This is a social media plugin for WordPress with a well designed interface, lovely share keys and many useful features. Let’s begin with the basics: social sharing. It provides a user – friendly share buttons in many different locations for more than 30 social networks.

Apart from the classic placement options, you also get some unique placement options such as “Share Hub” or “Sticky Bar” as well. You also get the right placement option.

You can choose from a variety of button styles, sizes, and colors. And the Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed also supports both total shares, as well as the ability to set a minimum number of shares and restore old shares if you switch domains or switch to HTTPS.

You can also adjust the metadata in your social media to see how your content is shared. And you get dashboard-based analytics to see how often it’s shared and it’s performing at its best. Now, in addition to basic sharing functionality, Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed also meets more than what you expected.

2. Share Counts – sharing plugin

sharing counts plugin

Shared Counts is one of the fairly simple and easy-to-use Social Media plugins for WordPress. It comes with popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Yummly, and LinkedIn.

There are several types of display buttons as well as multiple locations for displaying map nodes. You can enable it for different types of posts on your website.

These plugins will help you increase the number of post shares, you can also show the total social shares of your link.

3. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

This plugin has been with many companies for a long time, according to shares in general forums, when researching the user experience on the Web has begun.

The reason many users chose Sassy Social Share at that time was that it had a really cool feature that could even say no clash with any other sharing plugin. That feature is fake social sharing metrics. It sounds like a scam, but in fact, it has no effect, even beneficial.

Specifically, you also know how important crowd effects are, when a visitor reads a good article but doesn’t see anyone sharing them, they often hesitate. When you show evidence to the number of people who have taken the action instead, your chances of sharing are significantly higher.

And Sassy Social can do so by filling in every type of content of the number of shares you want in the customs field.

With this plugin, you are supported by over 100 different social media platforms. Furthermore, there are plenty of other changes and I think the sharing plugin is very complete:

  • Display position (Floating Sidebar or Inline)
  • Default colors or customized by brand
  • Size & button shape
  • Arrange the button position
  • Facebook like, Twitter Tweet, Pinterest Save, … buttons

Of course, this plugin also does not forget to support shortcodes, Widgets & links to social profiles. In addition, Sassy Social Share has a paid version with premium features such as Facebook Comment, log in with social accounts, Analytics statistics, restore lost shares …

4. AddtoAny

addtoany sharing plugin

If you are wondering what is the best free WordPress sharing plugin on the market, many people make sure that AddToAny is at the forefront of this list.

It is proven by half a million installs on WordPress library & a 4.5-star overall rating. Although not too prominent in terms of design, AddToAny is received by several other people. for its simplicity. So the code organizes it very neatly for best page loading performance. Even many users previously said that when installing AddToAny’s sharing feature, your page loading speed will not be affected (in other words you install nor install).

AddtoAny supports up to 100 different social networks, so your visitors can freely choose the platform they want to share. Besides, there are many button editing options such as:

  • 2 sharing locations: Floating sidebar (next to the screen) & Inline (On-bottom of post content, page, …)
  • Shortcode support helps you to insert anywhere on the Website
  • Customize colors according to the brand
  • Change your call-to-action text as desired
  • Show the counter amount of shares
  • Customizing CSS
  • Show more share buttons when clicking the (+) sign

In addition to sharing you can also add your social networking profiles so your visitors can easily connect & follow you. In particular, AddtoAny also supports connecting to Google Analytics for analysis and sharing on the Website, if you have experience using Google Analytics, this feature is quite useful.

5. WordPress to Buffer

WordPress to Buffer

Buffer is a browser app that enables you to upload on various social networks. It is an intelligent platform to transfer things in their own words. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin can be integrated into a single Buffer account. You can share stuff across all your networks with a single dashboard. It also provides analysis, easy planning of posts, and shortening of URLs.

First of all, go to the Buffer homepage and register with your email. Basically, you can register with Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin. Then, you will be transported to your Buffer Dashboard once you have finished. You need to connect your social media profiles to the dashboard of your buffer. From these, no wonder Buffer is on top of social media plugins.

6. Simple Social Icons

simple social icons

This plugin redirects Website visitors to your social media platforms. Furthermore, Simple Social Icons allow you to flexibly customize the size and form of your icon with 6+ styles. Many bloggers and online business owners appreciate this sharing plugin.

Simple Social Icons’ main features:

  • Easy to upgrade to new updates.
  • Improve the quality of the human experience.
  • User friendly (no coding required).
  • 100% compatible with most WordPress themes.
  • Using Widgets and Shortcodes is easy.

7. WordPress Social Login

wordpress social login

Logging in with a certain social network account on the website is also great, isn’t it? Then install WordPress Social Login. It is one of the best social media plugins that I need to mention.

It can use easily and support a lot of popular social networks, you can configure it to display detailed information about users. Moreover, you also have a user manager, contact manager. …


Social media marketing is closely related to website operation and development. If your website is built on a WordPress platform, immediately apply the above Social Media Support Plugins. They will help you gain the trust of customers when they visit the Website through sharing on social networks.

However, you also need to review and choose the most suitable and effective support plugin. With the above sharing, we hope you have the best choice for your Website. Good luck!

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