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What is a blog?

Now, the definition of blog is becoming more popularly than ever. In fact, the appearance of Link.net by Justin Hall, a student of Swarthmore College seems to be the first blog. However, it was a personal homepage.

Until 1997, “weblog” officially emerged. A blogger of Robot Wisdom, John Barger described logging the web was weblog. And It was shortened into “Blog” by Peter Merholz.

The blog is an online website or journal where individuals or representatives of a group share information or their view relating to any topics. So, what is a WordPress blog? By the way, bloggers often the tool to create a blog, WordPress is one of them.

What’s more, the blog tends to expand because of many reasons. The main purpose is to link you to reliable readers, bolster your traffic, and forward quality moves to your website.
Next, you will recover WordPress blog examples so as to make a perfect blog or vlog.

WordPress blog for beginners Magazette

magazette wordpress blog theme

If you are worry about starting a blog, it cannot be complex as you thought. Only some simple steps, you will own your admirable site. Although you are not skilled in this major. Please having a small amount of money and researcher a little bit.

First step, before setup a wordpress blog, you must have a domain name and web hosting. Bluehost is highly recommended to install WordPress. And it takes 2.75 dollars per year. Especially, it is a relevant hosting company that you can trust because of the lowest cost.

After completing some steps such as hosting plan, domain name or a new Bluehost account, you continue to setup WordPress. And last but not least, a modern WordPress theme like Magazette is a choice that you can need.
You only start with writing blogs, you can visit demos of Magazette with diverse types such as travel, lifestyle, Fashion, Food or Beauty.

Moreover, adding some videos that you want to bring a clear content for the readers. With a very unique designing, Magazette can help your customer stay at your sites as well as save your time create a blog. To insert advertisement, Magazette includes ads system like HTML5 ads, Text ads, Banner ads and more.

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WordPress blog examples Vividly

vividly wordpress blog theme

Now, you can deny the popularity of Vlogs. However, not many people understand what Vlog is exactly. A vlog is a video blog that records a person’s life, interests, or opinions for publication on the internet. Unlike a blog in a written form, Vlog is a video format.

Vividly is a WordPress blog that applies Videos created by Thimpress. It is widely claimed that Vividly is an extremely reliable theme. Because of the first nice, ultimate and creative WordPress theme for the video, vlog, and movie website.

Over 40000 customers used and loved this theme. Vividly is built simply and suitably for users, both new customers to advanced ones to setup. You don’t need complex programming knowledge; you can get the installation fast over your expectation.

When do Vlog or Video, people also concern about filter or edit to appeal to the readers. Vividly make excellent demos, you can promote your purpose using sharply perfect video. People will highly pay attention in your site.

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Soledad wordpress blog website

soledad wordpress blog theme

Aside from wordpress blog themes known as Newspaper, Newsmag or SmartMag, Soledad is laid on the top bestseller. Soledad’s homepage is set up quite energetic. You will be optimist and very fresh with light tones. Furthermore, it is very interesting to do with “Penci” functions (Penci Social Media, Penci Weather, Penci Video Playlist and so on).

Soledad has high optimization. Both PageSpeed and Pingdom give it a great mark together with very fast load time (1.38s on Pingdom). Hence, using this theme helps your WordPress blog website access your user easily.

Soledad is the same as other themes allowing the customer to try on demos. The number of demos is really impressive by the variety from styles to tones. Based on your aim and hobby, choosing light or dark tones with great sharpness is no problem.

For instance, you have a plan to exploit beauty topics. Soledad is available all types of beauty care: Skincare, hairstyle and Body. With Penci designing. Your blog is guaranteed arouse people’s interest. Now, Let’s clink demo and recover.

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Create a wordpress blog with Rosemary

rosemary wordpress blog theme

If you are finding a simple theme, don’t hesitate to use Rosemary. You will be excited about a little bit cute but sensitive decoration of Rosemary. It is quite suitable for people who want to create a wordpress blog about beauty, lifestyle and travel.

You have joined in writing blogs, after carrying out wordpress blog setup steps, selecting Rosemary theme is relevant to create a clever lifestyle blog. Rosemary make a comfortable feeling for the readers during referring to your message.

Rosemary provides pretty good natural outfits which can inspire anybody. Because it is reserved for blogs in this sector, the functions are ensuring to your design. You only pay attention in writing attractive contents, beauty theme is Rosemary’s.

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WordPress blog tutorial Hemlock

hemlock wordpress blog theme

Another theme which is the mixture of modern and quite dark tones. Hemlock is loved by featured filters. Similarly, as Rosemary, Hemlock contribute to grow up travel and lifestyle blog. Thus, it is widely believed that bloggers often formulating these topics should use.

Hemlock also designs a Video blog or Gallery blog. In general, it is very simple for people to access with a WordPress blog tutorial. Start with Bluehost priory to install WordPress! You only have to pay a small sum to own it.
After that, you find Appearance to press Theme to add a new theme. You will be clear with many features. Please concern about set up a premium WordPress theme to be used best theme.

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WordPress theme template Redwood

Redwood is a classic theme template for bloggers who like this. As the instruction settles WordPress, installing Redwood is only adding steps. Although It is not as diverse as others, but it shows best performance that you want. Redwood is a nice big featured slider with useful promo boxes. You can choose one of five different wordpress blog examples to get the most productivity.

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Applying any WordPress blog contribute to your blog better and fascinates many people. What’s more, each of them has various abilities in SEO, designing, and functions. Let’s involve these best WordPress themes to assist your site!

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